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Welcome to the eXorsus Gaming Group Subfaction

( A Backyard Monsters Alliance )

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History of eXorsus Gaming Group:

Founded by Spyder, on August 8, 2012, the eXorsus Gaming Group is intended to be a powerful group of powerful players. Spyder, created eXorsus in hopes of creating a dominant, respectable alliance within the BYM community.

The eXorsus name comes from a Counter-Strike 1.6/Source website that a few friends and I created in late 2006. The eXorsus Gaming Group still exists on Steam. eXorsus quickly rose to one of the best teams on CAL and CPL Counter-Strike competitions until CAL and CPL were disbanded.

Translated, Exorsus means “The beginning of the end” in Latin. Spyder plans on carrying out the name of this alliance and taking over all of our enemies.

History of eXorsus Gaming Group Subfaction:

Founded by Spyder and dragonologist23, on September 30, 2012, this Subfaction was created as a branch of eXorsus for the less experienced players. It will give players a greater chance to be accepted into eXorsus, a mighty BYM alliance.

Why should I want to join this Subfaction? Why would I want to get into eXorsus?

eXorsus is one of the most powerful, rewarding alliances in BYM. We are a close-knit group of players, and have monthly contests with a monetary prize.

Membership Requirements:

You must be:

  • At least level 25

  • A fairly active player

  • Able to take constructive criticism

  • A friend to fellow group members

  • Code of eXorsus (Rules)

  • We are eXorsus
  • eXorsus operates as a group
  • We represent eXorsus, and our actions speak louder than words
  • If a group member needs help, help will be provided
  • We do not attack fellow group members
  • We are respectful and courteous to fellow group members
  • Traitors will be exiled and dealt with accordingly
  • We do not compromise ourselves or our allies
  • We do not spam our thread
  • We are eXorsus, and we will thrive

  • Application:

    If you find that you meet these requirements, please fill out the following application:

    (Please copy and paste this application and insert your information where necessary)

    Current Level:
    Champion(s) and corresponding level(s):
    Map Room Level:
    Daily Activity (In hours):
    Do you understand our rules?
    Any Additional Information:

    Ranking System:

    Duces: The leaders of eXorsus Subfaction are responsible for keeping up with the alliance, maintaining relationships with fellow members, maintaining alliances made, creating solutions to hostility, and maintaining an up-to-date thread.

    Consuasor: The Subfaction Advisor is a member of the Subfaction who helps coordinate the main alliance with the Subfaction as well as keeping track of our members.

    Magister: Master is the top rank possible in the Subfaction. Upon reaching this rank, you may petition to be moved into eXorsus.

    Specialitas: A Specialist is a member that has proven very helpful and active to the eXorsus Subfaction.

    Tiro: An eXorsus Subfaction Apprentice is the entry level rank, at least until we are given a reason to add more. These members meet the requirements and have a bright future ahead of them in BYM.

    How do I get into the main alliance? Why would I want a promotion?
    Members start out at the rank of Apprentice. Upon getting a promotion, they will achieve the rank of Specialist. Another promotion brings the rank of Master. Upon getting this rank, members may post a petition on the main alliance thread to join it. All it takes for the petition to pass through is for main alliance members to give you 3 yes votes before you get 3 no votes. If your petition fails, you can try again a week later.

    So… I’m really interested in getting a promotion. How do I do so?
    Ranking up is actually quite simple… just be an active, helpful, and well organized member.
    That’s really all it is!

    Graduated Members:

  • Alecsunistoast

  • Allyson06

  • Dad_e_oh

  • ~Dragon

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    eXorsus Subfaction Members:

    Duces (Leader):

  • Spyder Level 52

  • Dragonologist23 Level 47

  • Consuasor (Advisor):

  • Dad_e_oh Level 47

  • Magister (Master):

  • Cruisecontrol100 Level 45

  • HoboMcJoe Level 41

  • XThe_QuestionerX Level 42

  • LAXKING21 Level 40

  • Specialitas (Specialist):

  • Sugarglider1000 Level 40

  • Fely26 Level 46

  • Dragonanimestuff Level 41

  • ManlyManly Level 38

  • PlatinumYoshi Level 41

  • Kanzor Level 38

  • Twilde9 Level 40

  • NikolaK39 Level 39

  • Tiro (Apprentice):

  • Akmoller Level 31

  • Tzvirn Level 34

  • Chaosblasterx Level 36

  • Zoidberg3321 Level 30

  • Dfwer123 Level 31

  • Tenor121234 Level 29

  • Deathbringa Level 31

  • Backyardmonster4 Level 37

  • Lovetodance14 Level 26

  • Shadowharf Level 26

  • Douh Level 32

  • Hannah1688 Level 30

  • TheGreatRowaH Level 30

  • LoganE9 Level 25

  • Griffen121 Level 31

  • Bossdude12 Level 27

  • Dante_Dreiman Level 36

  • DiegoM111 Level 27

  • Lugiachild Level 28

  • Sgtpickles3 Level 27

  • Erebus9997 Level 35

  • Dragonred606 Level 25

  • Cupcakes1313 Level 24

  • Woon1957 Level 27

  • Okimgoodman1 Level 37

  • Hamuka Level 34

  • Czczczcz Level 34

  • Prosuer Level 28

  • Db10029 Level 33

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    Alliance Affiliations:

  • Teutoburg Forest (Allied)
  • Flames of Avarice (Allied)
  • The Dragon Knights (Allied)

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    Thread Rules and Regluations

  • No Spamming – Members and Non-Members who find themselves spamming will have their posts flagged and reported. Members can face removal
  • No Profanity – It is blocked on Kongregate for a reason, and I plan to uphold their policies
  • Have Fun! – While spamming and profanity are not allowed here, you are still welcome to talk to your friends, discuss, and meet

  • Useful Threads:

    Ultimate BYM Super Guide
    Comprehensive Alliance Thread
    Tech Support
    How to Contact KIXEYE
    How to Use this Forum
    Need a Good Base Design?

    Other Useful Links:

    (Need an eXorsus Avatar? Use one of these!)
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    Placeholder for future updates.

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    Isn’t there already one of these?

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    Originally posted by Snap902:

    Isn’t there already one of these?

    The other one was trolled, and not properly run.

    This version is expected NOT to be trolled, and to be treated as eXorsus would be.

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    Oh ok… And nobody was using the other one either, right?

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    Originally posted by Snap902:

    Oh ok… And nobody was using the other one either, right?


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    Ok I will stop posting on this now.

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    A new exo, neat hope you do well

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    Put a part that says People not allowed to post here and put me there. It’s for my own good.

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    Originally posted by dorian101:

    A new exo, neat hope you do well

    Not a new eXo, simply a branch of it.

    Originally posted by crankdat:

    Put a part that says People not allowed to post here and put me there. It’s for my own good.

    I really don’t think you need that. If you don’t want to post here, just don’t post here.

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    Hope this does good

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    Have you gotten exo’s permission to make a new branch?

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    Originally posted by dorian101:

    Have you gotten exo’s permission to make a new branch?

    I am a co-leader of eXo, therefore I am qualified.
    Also, I have talked to Spyder about it.

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    OK, just wanted to make sure nothing bad happened.
    EDIT:Well since nobody has applied yet i would like to be the first
    Current Level:40 although it says im level 45
    Champion(s) and corresponding level(s):Drull lvl 6.3 all other lvl 1
    Map Room Level: 2
    Daily Activity (In hours): 2-3
    Do you understand our rules?yes
    Any Additional Information:not realy

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    Ok this might be my last post here so I want to say some things….
    1.Hope this does good
    2.Im now in an alliance
    3.Dragon, don’t screw up like i do
    4.Dorian, hope you do good

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    Thanks good luck in new alliance

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    Crank is under my rules so he better shape up. I’m the leader of TUA if you wanted to know.

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    Dorian, you’ve been accepted to the rank of member.
    Your base could use a little improvement. PM me if you’d like some help.

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    thanks i appreciate it. Also when i buy the bigger yard i will change my layout.

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    Hey Dragon, I was co-leader in this thing. :P

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    Originally posted by Dvdwen:

    Hey Dragon, I was co-leader in this thing. :P

    Happy now? ^^

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    Yes. :P

    The spacing annoys me dragon…