[Red Crucible 1 & 2] New and magical global leaders?

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For months the global leaders were major players such as skolino, which recently surpassed 200,000 xp now, and has a kill streak is 60 (very good and possible). Recently new leaders appeared, surpassing the 300,000 xp magically, and with a kill streak of 212 (absolutely surreal numbers). These new leaders in combat show no superior ability, and are easily killed. I think this should be investigated seriously, because if cheaters have success, it discourages good players. My intention is not to create controversy but to help improve the game. Thanks

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New leaders:

Daren Shan (was rank 13) cheater

The 70+ killstreaks are people and their buddies playing attack and defend over and over again.

how in the world can you get 212 killstreak the most u can get is possibly 100 because that’s the kill limit. the first place guy has played a game i never heard of.