What are the best specs for Berserkers?

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So Im going to assume this has been asked a trillion times in chat but well I couldnt find it in the forum and I got mixed responses in the chat so Ill ask here better.

Im fairly new at this game and I want other more experienced players to share their thoughts on how to spec a Berserker when leveling up.

The title might be misleading since Im not necessarily asking “whats the best way to spec” them but instead, what are the common optimal ways to do so?

I.e the type of responses Im looking for are for example something like “Max Fury and then Max Damage for faster clear dungeon clear times in parties but harder if soloing” (I suppose that makes sense in most games but not sure if it works that way here) or maybe here it is something like “add 1 point into fury and 1 into damage each level for X reason”, etc.

Just share what you think are optimal specs for Berserkers and the reasoning for them.


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I maxed damage and max health first. And next time, to reduce threads like these, use my FAQ and question thread. Thanks.

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i went fury→melee→hp→mana fury gives faster regen so your alive more, essential if your trying the harder stages

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Originally posted by Underlord:

I maxed damage and max health first. And next time, to reduce threads like these, use my FAQ and question thread. Thanks.

I read your FAQ before I posted this and honestly it just didnt help me on what Im trying to find, which is why I made a separate thread.

I also dont think it would be logical to add that question there and wait for an answer there, as it would take MUCH longer for me to find an answer. It makes more sense to make this thread with a title that relates to my question and if we find proper answers here, then you can feel free to take the question and answers and copy them to your thread.

What Im looking for is for high leveled / pro / experienced players in this game to share their optimal ways to build Berserkers and their reasoning for it.

Most other MMO games out there have guides etc. which I like to read before playing, and I found some online for this game but I cant seem to find guides specifically made for Berserkers.

I did find that a maxed Berserker should have maxed all stats except max mana, which makes sense. But Id like to see the order in which they are maxed etc.

Thanks anyway and thanks everyone else for the replies.

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fury first, then it’s a matter of personal preference, hp is better but you might prefer to get the dmg earlier?