[Legacy of Heroes] Three Harmonies :(

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Not fun.

Is there a strategy I’m missing, or do I basically have to just get him low slowly and then try to deal 30+ damage in one killing blow?

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I’d like to know if theres any pointers for this as well. It does not seem like it particularly matters if you have an abyss in your deck because I’ve played games where he never played a single ally. It seems like he likes to spam close to chest relentlessly multible times, giving him a ridiculus amount of sheild.

1.) Theres two general strategies that people will probally consider. Banish is great, in most cases, that is, if you can do enough of it, which I feel does not work alot of the time because your damage output goes much lower because of this.

2.) Wait for 25 cards depleted and do 2x hood + LDE. Generally, this works for all cases.. if you’re lucky enough. But the problem is actually getting there, some bosses have a habbit of killing you before you can do such a thing.