[Galaxy Life] Galaxy Life version 0.60.13 Release Notes

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NEW GAME UPDATE! Goodbye, cheats! With this version Luck Norris blocked the last active cheat! We also implemented several highly requested improvements and fixes like the ‘accept all’ and ‘send all’ buttons for the free gifts in the inbox popup!


  • Added more security to prevent cheats in unit/building rules, patching the latest loot related bugs.
  • Added ‘Accept all’ and ‘Send all’ to the inbox for free gifts.
  • Added a Halloween related countdown. Get hyped!
  • Animation frame rate improvement temporally disabled to solve an issue with S-Trike.
  • Loading bar improvements.
  • New Buy Protection Time (ColonyShield) popup, adapted to new popups.
  • Internal work and tests related to the chips purchase popup, featuring mobile payments.
  • Internal friends related fixes.
  • Improved mercenaries mission popups.
  • Other minor improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Freeze turrets now slow down properly S-trike units.
  • Fixed a bug that gave a too long colony shield when destroying enemy’s Star Base under certain circumstances.
  • Other minor fixes.
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554,547 i think is a hacker.if you would take a look at WLOODY and see. Holding hundreds of zepplins. Im not sure but he looks hacked with all the decorations, 10 ansectors. I dont know for sure but I think he might be a hacker.If he is a hacker can you do something about it?

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