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Hey Champs, we’ve added our Alliances feature. Alliances will allow you to connect as a guild-like team with other players. Members of any Alliance will be able to see:

Average Member Rating
Average Member Honor
Alliance Record (all records begin AFTER they join the Alliance)
Alliance PB Record
Alliance Siege Record
and Alliance Destroyer Record

But wait that’s not all. Members will also be able to see:

Member Honor Bonus
Alliance Time Played- This is the total for every members Time Played.
Highest Ladder Place/Member (Current Ladder)- This indicate what is their highest placement in the current league ladder.
Highest Ladder Place/Member (All Time)

Players with the highest Win Streak, Most Played Time and Most Played Time with any Champion will be displayed in your Bragging Rights section.

Also, a player may get a boost to their Honor by being part of an Alliance. Alliances can contribute a Maximum of 100 Bonus Honor. Alliances have this Honor bonus calculated based on the number of players in the Alliance and the activity of the players in the Alliance. For each player in the Alliance that has been active in the past 30 days will grant everyone in the Alliance 5 Bonus Honor. This Bonus Honor caps at 100 or 20 active members.