[Skyshard Heroes] [Dev] Hero Skill rebalance

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We have significantly decreased the amount of time it takes to upgrade Hero skills.

This will help allow everyone to quickly upgrade Heroes and try out other Heroes as well! To balance this for existing players, we have also given a bunch of speedups to players who have spent a long time upgrading their Heroes, as well as given a partial refund to players who have spent Skystones upgrading their Hero skills. Additionally, we have automatically completed all currently trained skills so players are able to immediately enjoy the faster training times. Cheers!

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very nice. if devs are making path for new players, maybe on season 2 conquest can have 2 maps? 1 for those with level 5-7 citadel maybe? and another map for players with level 1-4? add a few badges and it could be fun for new players.

also, if skyshard is going to be more active, maybe remove level restriction on pvp and have a restriction based on defense-offense power instead, or whatever kind of system the devs prefer. add debuff on pvp when stronger player attacks a weaker player maybe?