[UberStrike] this games fun :D

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Originally posted by dylansabeastling:

STOP IT LITTLE IDIOT! Nobody cares about your little 7 year old posts! There retarded just like you kiddo! If your going to make a post, make it something that people want to comment on, and don’t just put one word after it. Do that, or get out kid. No one will miss you.

1. A post is not a person and is therefore incabable of being retarded unless it contains programming code that simulates the brain of a retarded person.

2. The post is less than one year old and if you mean’t that the person posting was 7 years old than you shouldn’t be calling him retarded.

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Well, that made no sense. Don’t use big words if you don’t know what they even mean please.

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Hey guys. Let’s avoid hurtful comments, and keep this forum clean. Let the lad express how he feels. ;)

The Potato

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Everyone piss off dylan