[Berserk: The Cataclysm] NoFun leader resignation

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Hi I rage quit at losing Ton-Vaor to ‘The Clanning’

We had good reasons to start where we did, we had 2 race conditions to take Remirat on turn 2, and Ton-Vaor on turn 3. A win on either of them probably would have meant 1st place for NoFun, as the map is unbalanced and has a cluster of big cities near the bottom right of the map which can be reached in a shorter time than anywhere else. Note that not starting where we did would have allowed ‘The Clanning’ to reach those 4 cities faster than any other clan and win the era.

I carefully did as much as possible to increase our click speed for our attack. I aligned the map with the attack button, so that after I clicked “attack” the map would be in the right area for an easy announce. However, something messed up with the game, and when the map appeared after clicking attack, it was not in announce attack mode (I think a click went through on the following page, not on a city, which undoes the intention to announce an attack). At the loss of that we are almost certainly coming third (i.e. last).

I can’t be bother nursing this game at 5a.m. to announce attacks as fast as possible. Its disrupting my job, and its disrupting my drinking at the weekend. So I resign as leader and someone else can take the burden of leadership. I would be up for rejoining the clan though, I have good cards :p

In conclusion clan wars has many faults, the ones in particular are:-
-the war is decided on turn 1 or 2 (this was true last era), due to the increased value of cities near the beginning of the era, the importance of starting location, and the map inbalances making one area disproportionally important

-Furthermore the war is actually decided by who can click fastest, has the fastest computer and lowest broadband latency. The sensitivity of the game on the initial few turns means you have to take risks with race conditions at the beginning to stand a chance of winning, and unfortunately those risks involve timing. So a card game has become a twitch game which is not good.

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I think inherent in t-lark’s explanation but maybe not obvious is that the real underlying problem is how difficult (nearly impossible) it is to conquer another clan’s city. Because of that fact it is essential to conquer cities while they are still neutral, and “block” the opponent’s progress.

EDIT to add: Apparently the mechanics have changed this time around so we shall see if this has been fixed.

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On a side note: if leaving the clan is the only way to resign from leadership, this should be fixed too.

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Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I will show this to the game designers for sure.