[Dungeon Overlord] game not playing

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hey every time i try to play the game it looks like it will play but then the screen gets larger and i cant press any of the buttons can some one help please

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fartsalott (funny name!),

2 things:

1.) support@nightowlgames.net will be able to give you better support and get you in the game. We forum lackeys don’t have the skills.

That said, the issue might be your browser or flash version.

I suggest trying Firefox or Chrome (IE sometimes isn’t happy).

If you use Chrome, be sure to disable Chrome’s crappy “PepperFlash”:

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thanks for replying so fast thanks ill try it

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yeah aparently it my adobe thing

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Hopefully you’re able to get things up and running, we’d love to have you in the game! If you need any more assistance, you can reply to Support, or, we’ll do our best to help you here.

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Excuse me, but my game wont load!!it just doesn’t!!the loading bar is full but its not loading!

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Our support team can be reached by email at: support@nightowlgames.net

Here are a few things you can try in the meantime that sometimes help folks get into the game.
1. try a different browser (Chrome and Firefox are particularly good).
2. try clearing your browser cache: https://nightowlgames.zendesk.com/entries/20502058-how-can-i-clear-my-browser-cache-temporary-internet-files
3. if you are using Chrome, try disabling the PepperFlash: https://nightowlgames.zendesk.com/entries/21875808-dungeon-overlordtm-runs-really-slowly-in-google-chrome

That said, it sounds like maybe your issue is account specific, so I really encourage you to contact support@nightowlgames.net. They can dig in to your account and see what might be going on.