[Soul of Guardian (SOG)] auto-attack suggestions

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Generally i’ve tried a lot of mmorpgs and there are things that i liked and things i didn’t so i always like to suggest the things i like. This is simply a suggestion from me, concerning auto-attacking.

I think auto-attack needs to have more skill-based options, especially buffs.

Now there could be an option “auto-use buffs” so that is only making use of skills that raise your attributes for a certain amount of time,

and also, there should also be an option that enables all skills (for example ranged aoe – right now there is only the mellee option)

Now i understand that the reason that you wouldn’t really want to make it into an “idle” rpg, so i’d say the “all skills enabled” thing would be too much. However making us at least able to choose which skill we want as an aoe skill (instead of ticking an “all skills” box) wouldn’t do any harm. And still, the auto-buff using will be a great asset without being game-changing. Most of the buffs i have in my possession don’t make a huge difference but they still are a necessity. So yeah, i’d like to see that.