[Smashmuck Champions]The SMC Training Camp

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Listen up, Rookies, cause this is SmashMuck Champions Training Camp!

As part of your regimen you’ll receive a video each day this week giving you the inside scoop on in-game tips, tricks, how to save cash in the SmashMuck Shop and much more!

SmashMuck Champions Overview- http://youtu.be/ASCq75-dgBo?hd=1
Gametype Tips & Tricks- http://youtu.be/0apOSJAze8A?hd=1
Scouting Report: Brutus- http://youtu.be/Tu6la0Bm9vM?hd=1
Honor and Shop Walkthrough- http://youtu.be/q4nyCrHVuKw?hd=1
Weapons, Workouts, Badges Walkthrough- http://youtu.be/TwZVc-644Pc?hd=1
Gameplay Commentary- http://youtu.be/8JW3PKVAw-I?hd=1