Teasing - Official Concept Arts for Rare Armors

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Hi Everyone.

I’ts been an eterenity that Dueling Blades is in Beta phase, and didn’t recieved any update while our humble community of players (speaking from Kongregate at least) desperatly berated HourBlastGames, for any feature to keep the interest around the game who’s fading away.
But meanwhile, HBG is surely on his way to complete their projects of iOS port and Facebook launch. The maintenance of the servers in the past weeks is a sign that they’re still surveilling the game at his current state, and thus assures it’s playability, for the affluing players who discover Dueling Blades.

Now here’s something that you might have missed from Dueling Blades’s own Facebook.
But enough talk; have at you:

As you can see, these are the new concept arts for the game. On the whole, they’re very cool! But i doubt the fanciness and load of details will translate into the finalized product (unless they can do miracles within Unity Player ^^). Other than that, i note the tendency for the females models to have a cleavage window and the top as a leotard with high boots in place of pants (zettai ryouiki FTW!). While this fact can annoy people who are tired of seeing scantly dressed girls in video games, the artist in charge opted for drawing the ladies with rather modest chests, a large break (no pun intended) compared to the game.

Now there’s no confimation that they will be included into the game yet, but it’s a very good news concernig DB, the next update for a moment seems very likely and it keeps feeding my hopes to see this title rise again!

However, since it’s about “rare” armors, we can expect some sort of things (again if there’s an update) such limited copies or for a time period of availability, a prize tournament, or payement exclusively with Kreds (which would help to support the devs). If none of that, you can bet they’ll be as outrageously expensives as the current best gear ;P.

Sorry for the wall of text, and don’t forget to enjoy the arts! Don’t hesitate to reply and share your opinions. I Hope to see you everyone again at Dueling Blades o/.

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I hope I can buy them with ingame currency. Because as of now, my gold is totally useless. :D

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I wish this comes into fruition.. this game needs something to bring it back into the spotlight.. :) (I also speak on behalf of deadman4544)