[Monsters' Den Chronicles] Save inventory fix instructions

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I am re- posting this from the “serious problem” post. Garin, you actually posted it and it WORKS. The link:

Step 1: Download and install flashplayer 11.4.402.278 from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer

Step 2: In chrome, type chrome://plugins as you “webpage”

Step 3: you will see two different shockwave flash plugins listed. Click the “disable” hyperlink for the 1st one, version 11.3.31.xxx. Click the “enable” hyperlink for the 2nd one, version 11.4.402.278.

That’s it. The saves will now go back to where they belong and the whole “pepper” thing is gone.

For graphical instructions, I’ll repost Garmin’s original link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bGAz462cHSpKR5DRo9gg-_F-HzZoskf8ehYKSU9KXUI/edit?pli=1

This 100% worked for me on October 1st. I still export my file when I’m done playing because I do use ccleaner. ccleaner will destroy the flash save files unless you export your save.