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even though i generally dont like games with so big premium parts i tested that one a bit, even got to lv 20 about so far.

the biggest issues i found:

- the difference between promo/superrare and frequent is so dramatically big, that everything below “very rare” turns out to be bad quite fast. combined with relatively low ingame-money-cashflow the difference between paying ppl and normal ones will be huge by lvl 15 already. Have fun CashCows

- the other thing is improper balancing

  • everything above +1 damage for all per card is too much, esp. on cards with more than 5 life
  • Delay, esp. Delay 2, is an easy game winner
  • side-attacks like Lightning (esp. above 1) is damn evil
  • stack of immunities is too big on some cards
  • why magic attacks aint enough vs flight?
  • conc, empower, charm etc etc are too common

all in all 1-hit-kills on 5+ health units are too common

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Thank you for your feedback, Doc_Spirit.