[Vorp!] Saying goodbye

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i will stop playing this game for a longer time now. Im sad of all this bad changes of the game Day for Day.
Important stuff like Ship balancing, better Tech System, adding more OPS, working against Lagabusers will be ignored over and over.

In the other Hand they make changes like ELV System, Team invite, really bad programmed Rating System, adding more and more Ships without making them free to test.

The ELV System is Alpha. And it will never work as long as you can leave the Matchmaker before the game starts.

Team invite is just a joke, if i want i would NEVER loose a match anymore. Just need to Team up with somebody like Kascas, Skydark or another good ANT Pilot.

The rating System is a pure joke. But i dont complain about it.

Important stuff like nerfing Hirudo or Jabber will never come because the DEVs just look for their lollipop statistics.

Game depthness is zero because there is no longtime Target to reach in this game. ( Hello Techsystem )

You can say now its BETA. this game will ever be called Beta. But it has less glitches and bugs than 99,5 % of all other Games on the World.

Bye and have fun to the small community that will stay for longer. Count of Players is already going down again – i wonder why …..

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count of players has increased when they moved servers. they might be advertising it on more websites. Yes, the devs are slow, they aren’t making a lot of progress. but remember this is a FREE TO PLAY game. they don’t make profit out of this, meaning they are probably new developers getting into the gaming world. If this game gets blown up, and they get noticed. they will make better changes because they can add more people to the team, get more servers for lag abusers.

On the other hand, i think Hirudo is balanced since it can easily get destroyed since it has low def.

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Remember, the group of developers is quite small so progress will be slow.

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Sorry to see you go masa. We’re doing our best on all fronts to balance the game and perfect our systems (many of which only work with a larger player base). Hopefully new improvements, ships and features will bring you back in the near future.

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Damn Masa its bad read this, i want to play more with u, or also against you to make good battles, its sad read you gonna leave, i hope you come back, because without you I dont will be the same on farming noobs. It is true that the game has many anomalies and imbalance, but as said Skull, is a small group of Devs so the game will grow gradually, just look even yet we dont have all ships …
I hope to see you again played by me killing noobs or epic battles against you, encourage partner.

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Masa, make sure you come back later the game should have eventually balanced itself out.

Also, having beta games isn’t only about patching bugs (though it is a big part of it), beta is about improving the game, so they have open beta’s to see what the people who play their games want. Come back once it comes out of beta or in a month or so. It will probably all be ironed out by then.

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Its more that they ignore the words from Veteran skilled Players about balancing.
I feel like beeing ignored when i try to tell the DEVs that this or that Ship is not balanced.
They do their own on balancing from begin only over statistics and near every try to balance something failed.
I asked one Developer to add me into the Ship balancing Team. He wanted to ask the Team. But no answer….

They add options like surrender or Team invitation just listening to the bad common Players who dont even have 100 or more battles played.

I already recognized that for example the new Ranking system just countered the matches of the last 10 Days. So that point is gone what pissed me off.

But its just boring. I cant play this game anymore because i cant feel that i make me stronger game by game. Its the opposite. For every win more i get less good Teammates making it harder and harder for me to play this game. Just that few words about the ELV System

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Damn, i hoped that you will kick my ass at least few more times :/

Considering the ship balance, have in mind that the game can’t be balanced for top20 players only, since that would discourage new players from playing. Hence, they need to look at pure numbers. And probably player feedback, while apreciated, is only a guideline for them.

And about the ELO rating… Well, if you were to be teamed with top-players only, that would mean you would have to fight top-players only. And then you would be in queue for 40 minutes or more. And while having newbies in team sometimes make me really MAD, when i win against the team of 2-3 decent players and some newbies, having team of 4 newbies and me, i do feel satisfaction. Because winning that was a big challenge. If i lose, my rating goes down and next time i will face weaker team. Thats how it works.

If you want to face top-players only, wait some time (few weeks, few months? who knows) and wait until you can have 2 pre-made teams face each other. Then you can start a league of your own, with your own rules. And i will sure gladly see you back.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. And hope to see you back someday ;)

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We’re going through a transition right now, but I expect that as time passes and the playerbase settles we’ll get higher quality matches. This is beta, and I’ve no doubt this is going to be a blast once it’s done. Hope I’ll get to fly against you again then, you were one of the all time greats regardless of what that ELO thing might say.

Originally posted by sowah:

Considering the ship balance, have in mind that the game can’t be balanced for top20 players only, since that would discourage new players from playing. Hence, they need to look at pure numbers. And probably player feedback, while apreciated, is only a guideline for them.

Thing is, any multiplayer title should be balanced for top level play. Ships should be assessed based on how they perform when both teams are using every trick in the book and taking them to the limit, not based on how good they are at smashing new players. The problem is that Vorp has no top level play, since every single round has at least a couple unskilled pilots, usually more. That’s probably the reason why some of the latest nerfs and changes have been so… erratic. I understand it’s certainly a difficult task, and that the developers have little data available due to the low playerbase, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to balance based on veterans’ comments instead of on statistics that are incomplete and heavily skewed because of the low overall skill level. I definitely think Masa is proven he’s more than qualified.

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The reward system still needs fixing, and the team problems have exacerbated this to the point where the game just isn’t fun any more. I literally get around 150 b! when I win (if 1st win of the day is included) and around 15 b! when I lose. This is compounded by the fact that pre-made teams stomping my pickup groups has already begun. All I want is to unlock a 4000 b! ship. But that’s probably not going to happen because this game just isn’t worth it anymore.

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Worm, im just low on Rank in the ELO System because they saved Data only for the last couple of Days. And i played just around 40 matches or so in the last 2 weeks. Thats why “newbies” can have a higher ranking.
I would like to see how the rating would be if every match from begin will be scored