[Heavens] $600 DOLLARS for an AVATAR! (locked)

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I have posted this 2 times, the topic was MYSTERIOUSLY deleted.
Don’t worry, I’m persistent.

The cost of the 2 new avatars:
2500 diamonds =
6500 kreds.

The maximum Kreds you can even BUY is 1000+150, for $100 – so you need almost 6 of these. You guys live on a different planet.

The avatar DOES give you an “ultimate advantage”, even though in previous discussions the developers tried to defend themselves by stating that anyone can catch up to them, it just takes time.

Please post what you think and report the game, too

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The cost of each of the 2 avatars*

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I will explain this point once again.

1. Everithing in The Heavens is possible to earn without diamonds.
2. Diamonds can be found in game. And there are plenty of them. Please, take a look at FAQ thread.
3. If you take a look at Chests (also described in FAQ), you will find, that your payment will be TRIPLED.

Please, do not create multiple threads. In case you will have comments on administration actions, please, refere to private messages. Any further discussions of administration actions will be deleted. Thank you for understanding.