[Dungeon Overlord] Some Necropolis-related questions

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Hi NightOwl,
I have already sent these questions to support, but there forwarded me to ask you directly on forum. As these questions are general for kong and I do not have time to register at official forum at a moment, I will leave them here:

I have several questions about game:

1) There are several topics on official forum regarding future game updates:
I have some general questions about all these topics:
a) Is decition to implement this already made or just considered for
possible future?
b) If this IS going to be implemented, will these changes be available on
Necropolis till the end of this year?

2) Stone Binding and Greater Stone Binding techs are marked as :“NOT YET
IMPLEMENTED” for Necropolis, althrough as I could understand from official
forum they are implemented on Classic and Infernal servers. As I and some
other top members of our alliance will be able to research them soon, we
are very concerned on not getting any benefits from these techs as it looks
like a waste of time just to get to hight grade techs. Can we expect any
benefits from this tech anytime soon?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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Alright! We can definitely start those conversations here on Kongregate, too!

Before Necropolis was a gleam in the Dungeon Overlord’s team’s eye, we began working with players, on what our next big project should be. We gave them a number of things we want to see implemented in the game, and asked for feedback on what we should make our priority. The first round of this implemented Alliance Chat. The most recent round, found players were very interested in enhancing the Player Combat. So, you have the threads you see there. The team put together an outline and design, and are asking for player feedback before full implementation.

Regarding your questions. a) Yes this will happen. Not everything may happen exactly as laid out there, as we are taking the player feedback into consideration. b) The current plan is to implement this on all current servers. However, the team wants to look at how it will realistically effect the current systems, and the players who are already established.

At this time, we approximate, it is two weeks out. There are very slight differences between Infernal Abyss and Necropolis. The way those Technologies function is going to utilize a new aspect of the game. I can’t give a lot of detail now, but it should be available in about two weeks.

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only when this game was updated, after the beta started, were the words (not yet implemented) added to the tile upgrade tech. Same time they changed the shop prices.

DIdnt say that at first.

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ah shoud be quik to implement this, it’s acuse the sale option is although 25 blooks so you only need to link 1 25 block purchase to the reserch and set a flag for the player so the event will not trigger again. Sond’s to me like 10-15 min work in the code and perhaps 1-2 Days testing on a test server at worsed.

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It really should be in quite quickly. Things are crazy this week, as there is a big game developer’s conference in town. They plan on prioritizing it for next week, though.