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Thank you, guys, for your feedback and suggestions for the game. how original im sure thats a script so you dont even have to type it anymore. wow I cant believe they deleted my opinion on this game like many others have, why are you discriminating agains me Bytex: Truth hurt? again i post, going to delete this one too?
The new tournaments have tipped the scales so much in favor of paying players that i wonder if it has much to offer for free players. It has become clear that imperials in the game is useless in the long run , and can’t compete in the tournament game at any rate. After the introduction of the new tourneys a number of facts have become clear:

1) The game has taken a huge step in the direction of favoring paying players.

2) The tournaments are totally dominated by a handful of players that spend a lot on the game, typically 5-10 archmageboxes. The free players are virtually chanceless in that game.

3) Imperials are double useless in the sense that a) they can only buy standard cards, which are not seen alot in the tourneys, and b) when one has all the standard cards, there are nothing else to buy.

4) With useless imperials there is little point in acquiring land. Why spend hundreds of hours building a land basis that can only buy you second-rate cards? Any new player can enter the game , buy his 5 archmage boxes and dominate the game immediately to a degree that leads the vast majority of players unable to participate – at all.

Is this game going in the direction of being the playground for a handful of rich people rather than developing a large, thriving and happy gaming community? I fear so! And I fear that if the forthcoming cards take the game even more in the power creep direction it will be dead to 99% of the present players. Will that direction mean a long term economic gain for Bytex? I doubt that!

I play online games to have fun with other people, and it is essential to me that the people I play with have fun as well.

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Pinion, who deleted your post and in what thread? I want to check this.

I don’t use any script. Do you? :)

The tournament were segregated onto “Limited by SR”, “Limited by UR” and “Unlimited” especially to allow free players, who do not have “only-promo-cards” decks are able to participate, too. Could you please explain your point – why do you think we have the opposite intention? I cannot get your thought here. Thanks.

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The cash cows thatcome in and purchase their way to the top make it bad for the ones who earn in in steps like it should be. We dont have a chance(free players) but I have spent some on this game, to even have access to cards that they do because of having money to just throw around. Get your power ( the elitest ) control the game and screw everyone else who grinds their ass off to their levels. And the Imps are now useless, after you do all the campaigns and you cant buy cards with Imps anymore, how the heck are we to compete, the players are tired of getting abused.. your game wont last long at that rate. Unless its apay only event.. or is that what you want? If so it been good playing, I think when you lose players of the level of ALguedon speaks volumes… but are you too biind to see that? It was a good game but now there is nothing i can do to further my advancement without paying money, then I guess it is time to go. I wont be shy in sharing this with new players either, they should know this before they invest their time into this game and for what…. Thanks hope you take this as its meant, as helpful input..

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I have made comments about the cash cows ruining the game. It was brought to light for me by another active player and it makes a lot of sense, whether I like it or not. If not for the “Cash Cows” we would not be playing this game for free. As much as I think that the free players have such a disadvantage the comment is correct. I just think there is needed changes that Im sure the Bytex team is addressing. I would like to see, if possible that you give us the opportunity to at least be able to purchase or earn cards or sets in some way, so it wont be such a disadvantage. Not saying make it easy or gove it to us, the buyers do deserve an advantage of some sort but not make it so the free player can never compete with them. We just get tired of going up against them and being destroyed every time especially in the clan wars. So my comment about the buyers in this game was an unwarranted one. I should have approached it differently.

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I think what pinion is trying to say has some truth. Maybe it is unclear. PvP games like the SR-limited and UR-limited ones do favor free players, yes, but at the same time it is the availability of Imperials that is the problem for free players.

When Imperials are less valuable, by comparison ounces are more valuable; pro cards are more valuable; paying players have more advantages. This might not seem like a deep problem but it actually is.

Bytex should realize that the integrity and the structure of the game economy actually has nothing to do with the paid currency. Please read this carefully and understand it. The integrity and the structure of the game are based in Imperials, which are the measure for success related to time invested in playing the game. It is playing the content itself, playing the parts of the game, which needs to have value. It might seem like giving free players chances to make big numbers of Imperials helps them compete, but what it is really doing is making their efforts less valuable, because the prize (Imperials) is less valuable.

The way a free player can compete is when he is able to spend time and effort playing your game, and earn something that paid players cannot earn except by the same time and effort. (Or with a model different from yours, where everything is available for Imperials, so we don’t need to discuss that).

I think pinion is frustrated because it feels that all the energy, time and investment of free players is more meaningless every time Imperials become less useful. And these are things that contribute negatively:

• PvP games make Imperials too easy to get.
• Clan wars is going to become only enterable with ounces, so it’s less open to the public, so spending Imperials on “repairs” is not going to make Imperials valuable except for a few players.
• Monthly sets no longer can be bought with Imperials, so they are of course much less useful and can only really be used for standard packs now and few, minor other things.

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I will try to bring your opinion to the developers, thank you!