[Dungeon Overlord] Magnum Accord for New Alliances

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Sure, we all want to rule the world, but Magnum Suited called dibs first. But it is a big world and there’s plenty of opportunity for you to have your own corner of it. Some of us might even be able to co-exist and work together to dominate all the lands of Necropolis. To that end, Magnum Suited offers this Accord to the Overlords of Necropolis:

1. =MS= claims stewardship over any regions during The Flood – from the moment the first new Overlord spawns there until the “peace” wears off of the last home dungeon established. Feel free to fight each other, but know that you will not preyed upon by older Overlords if you haven’t aggressed us first. If other elder Overlords violate that stewardship, =MS= will take care of them and show them the error in their ways.

2. =MS= encourages you to create alliances: Necropolis will only be wonderful with a vibrant collection of warring alliances. From the day you create a new alliance, you have a one-week grace period to contact =MS= and register your signature to the Magnum Accord. Your alliance is free to not participate, but wearing the alliance tag of a non-Accord alliance marks you “fair game for PvP” in the eyes of =MS= no matter your strength, level or the stewardship of a region.

3. =MS= will expect things from the alliances that join the Accord including tribute, military engagement, and intelligence. =MS= will provide things (beyond our peace agreement) in exchange, including advanced manufacturing, scouted dungeon locations and even the regency of entire regions. Accord alliances will also be expected to adhere to the stewardship PvP policy of =MS=. More will be explained and negotiated when you register your alliance with the Accord.

4. Signing the Accord is a peace agreement with =MS=, not with each other. Go ahead and war with each other. Tell us your exploits. We might even reward your valor in other ways.

5. Accord alliances are required to keep the majority of their members in a single region unless they have the specific permission of the Regent of that territory to colonize: we want each generation of new players to have the chance to form their own alliances, not just be swallowed up by a few.

This is your only offer of peace: if you think you will negotiate better from =MS= you should be prepared to do so with your armies. We’d actually really, really enjoy it if you did. In the meantime, we can help ensure that young, weak, easily demoralized Overlords (like you) have a chance to grow in peace before the carnage begins.

Gnostic Foulbreath
Warlord, Magnum Suited (=MS=)

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