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Especially to Laurent105
It is possible to obtain merchant’s item.(merchant ring,necklace,pend) without using the diamond chest?

If you tell me the same thing “The idead is that any user can sell you metchant’s items or find ingame diamonds” – in http://www.kongregate.com/forums/209-heavens/topics/299131-typical-money-grubbing-game
then you will contradict yourself. Someone has to use the diamond chest and in order sell it to other players.

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You can purchase Merchant’s Items form other users, while obtaining Diamonds from in game activities.

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I think airbubblez’ point is that the chest is only generated when money is spent on the game.

The chest cannot be purchased for diamonds or crystals, the only 2 forms of in-game currency, so someone is paying money.

You said “Anything in The Heavens can be earned without payments” in the linked thread, but chests cannot come into the game without payment. Whether or not the items inside are able to be sold for diamonds/crystals, the chest would not exist without money going into the game.

Yes, I repeated that 3 times, not because I lack content, but because I want to make it clear that I’m emphasizing it. Please do not reply to any issues you may find in my post other than “the chest wouldn’t exist without payment”.

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I do wonder what kinds of weapons/items one gets with a purchase. I see no information on it, so I can’t even imagine it.

I have found a “Curse” potion as a drop loot, worth 42,000 crystals, I know it’s not a merchant’s item at all, but the second most expensive thing I’ve ever found was just 5,000 crystal brutanol etc; so I wonder what a merchant’s item is like, and more importantly, how durable it is; how one can find users who are willing to sell them in their store – even then, most people would never even see one displayed, ever.

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Based on your comments, I make assumption (please, proof me wrong), that you assume Merchant’s items to be the most powerful.

I would like to make you sure, that we are preparing updates, that will bring you not only items worth Merchant’s, but even more powerful. Please, find our nearest plans:

1. We will implement a number of Unique items, that will be available to be found in game (Arena, Monsters, Cave and Daily Bonus drop).
2. Even more rare Unique items, that could be found only in rare and strong bosses
3. Perfect items (with 500 durability), but not easy to find.
4. Crafting all these items.

First update with unique items and strong possibility to gain resources (including diamonds) will be online today.

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I don’t mind the unique items even though they lack any kind of balance.

But do tell me why level 6 people who invested a ton of time into the game are still forced to use the very same items that level 3 people (which you can achieve in 1-2 hours) are using?

At least make better versions of existing items with a higher minimum level. Arena AI is getting harder by every level, and we don’t get any stronger just by leveling.

While at that, add more diversity to items. It is quite a bit disappointing that out of normal drops, there is only 1 ring and 1 amulet that makes sense to wear.

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This limitation is made for purpose to slow development of experienced players, that are in great numbers here. Next week, we will update with more Rare items, that will be available in common drop.