[Galaxy Life] Improvements to target spotter and alliance war finder

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I’ll keep it short:

Target spotter ignores distance, colony shield status and also look for players who are very close in level, rendering its use anywhere from very inefficient to useless. It should search only targets whose shield is off, and allow player to set level range / distance.

Alliance war finder has similar problem, it has the option to search for other alliance not in war, but it ignores alliance shield status. Thankfully, alliance that is available for war has a green “declare war” button, so to be fair the user interface is not totally brain dead. To set a reference though, under the “alliance not in war” list, there are only 1 alliance available for war in the first 100 pages, or 1/500 alliance that can be attacked.

It also suffers from lack of sorting options, and from that could use more field like “member count” and “average level”, and especially “activity level” considering some alliances we fought were 99% destroyed and inactive, which raise the problem of inactive player/alliance traps. Not sure if there are mechanics that kick out base that are say month long inactive, if there are kudos for good thinking.

The alliance list could show more then 5 entries a page too.

Just some ideas, keep up the good work.

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Good post.

Target spotter should atleast ignore players with an active colony shield. I dont mind the distance issue but the option to set a level range/distance range would be fantastic.

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Target finder is soooo frustrating! It keeps giving me targets that I cannot afford to attack. That idea to set a level range and distance setting would be a great adds!

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The target spotter should really be improved. Ingnoring ColonyShield status is a big and furstratig problem, because colonies with active shield are no targets actually. They are no targets because of two reasons which derive from the fact that most colonies presented by target spotter has recently been attacked. Therefore, the shield is active and one can not attack that colonie again. No possibility to attack → no target. Point two relates closely to that fact: why should I want to attack colonies, wich are half or fully destroyed? They mostly do not have lots of minerals or gold, so they are no targets for economic reasons. This applies especially to far off colonies. And where is the challenge in attacking such a colonie? This is a point because the " big challenge" is preached through out the game and prevents me from attacking low level colonies.
Furthermore, optimizing the target spotter in order to fit our needs is not a big deal. I know that you know that. So please update that thing and let us make war!!

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we’re aware of those problems.. we took note and action so 0.62.2 was just pushed with an important fix for the target spotter (colony shield and planet destroyed issues). It’d require some time as there are lot of caches/old values that would be evicted in the next hours…
And for the alliance search, in 0.62.1 we moved the alliances with shield at the end of the search, but that would require a day or so to be completely functional.
Thanks for your understanding and patience!

PS: we’re working on relaxing minerals requirements for low-levels or targets far away ;)