[Castlot] Randomly losing troops!

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Hello, I’m hoping ideachannel will reply to this.

I know a lot of players on S1 are having problems with randomly losing troops. No battle, over limit, and no mail. They just disappear. I’ve had many people tell me about this and there is nothing I can do personally. People lose anywhere from 5k – 70k each in troops. Thats right, 70k each.

If anyone else is having this problem, please describe it here. As much as you know about. Such as; how long until you noticed your troops missing, how many troops, what you were doing at the time (exploring, arena, attacking, etc.), and anything else you feel is useful.

How to have this problem resolved soon. I think it might have something to do with the recent update. As I havent heard this problem before.

Savior, S1 GM

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Name Lordcruelt
I ave had the same problem initially I was missing around 21k of each troop in my tents thought nothing of it until I reviewed my message logs to double check that I had not been attacked
I have noticed now that once more I am missing troops htis time 15,000 I am not the only one the earliest you can solve this problem the better I am virtually open for attack now loosing 1/3rd of the troops in my main.

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Hi, please make sure the crops in Granary are enough, as troops in tents will consume crops there. Once the crops in Granary are used up, the troops will escape from your city.

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What is this some type of new update I have never had this problem for as long as my tents have been capped since I brought this third one these incidents started to happen also my food production has always been in the green which it is as well now something needs to be changed as well as my troops being restored somehow would be great