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Hey All, Ive noticed alot of people in chat asking where to farm what class to use, should i open some uncommon chests now or save for rare. I cant give perfect advice since this is only my second full day playing, however, I ended my first day with a lvl 50 ranger in full rare gear. How?

Starting off with berserker, dont use the uncommon key you start out with, i wish i had saved it for my ranger. but all you need to do is rush through the lvls to prisoners keep boss. There are already alot of people running this location for gold, so you will always find people already joining games. Save up the first 20k…this is the hardest 20k youll earn, but buy the ranger from the tavern with it, and youll soon learn how much faster you can farm.

once you buy your ranger, lvl it to 20 or so and open some uncommon boxes if you saved your uncommon key, use it, but hope for a bow with piercing shot. with a decent lvl 20 bow you can assist in prisoners keep.

i put all my points into firing speed first, then 15 in damage and 15 in movement speed, from there I added 5 mana, and then finished maxing damage.

Prisoners keep in 2 minutes or less:

In prisoners keep the way the map is setup, enemies get funneled at each ‘riot’. after opening a few chests I found a 900 dmg bow with piercing shot (lvl 51 required) once i had this bow, i was able to use my power up bow attack, to litterally shoot through almost the entire mob.

Note: I use a speed scroll which i thought was a curse but ended up being the best for quicker farming runs!

so by charging up fire, moving back, charging up, firing, moving back you can quickly mow down the mobs and move on. hopefully you have a good group of people with you picking up the loot, thats the only time i run into issues, is when i dont have my special attack ready at the last mob, but using that quickly finishes the level, and using the charge up move back method on the final boss with a high enough dmg bow like that, drops them pretty quickly also.

but i average 2 minute runs, and make about 800-875 gold per run. havent heard or seen anything better. my first day i opened 5 rare chests at the end, which is what it ended up taking for me to get the bow i use. day 2 now, and i speant a little over an hour farming and made 50k…

Hope to see more people using this method, its quick, and easy to get started.

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Prisoner’s keep boss actually just takes 1 minute or less. Add 15 seconds to that if u decide to stay for the ending and 200 xp. Otherwise just click x up top and exit right after u finish getting the chest.