[Dragon's Call] Columbus Day Celebrations

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Event Time:

EST time 12:00 AM, Oct 8th – EST 12:00 AM, Oct 15th, 2012
GMT+8 12:00 Noontime, Oct 8th-12:00 Noontime, Oct 15th, 2012

On Columbus Day it’s all about discovering. In this event, just like Christopher Columbus, you’ll be in the role of an explorer. It’s up to you to reveal all the surprises that the world of Dragon’s Call has for you instored. Read on for more event details.

I. Epic Voyage Event

During the event time, players can combine letters dropped from monsters into images of Columbus. Players can also purchase a package of Columbus Portraits to obtain the images directly. As long as they get a Columbus portrait, they can submit it in the World Quest Panel. When the number of portraits meets the requirement, the world quest will be completed and each participant will receive a mass of Exp and extra Debris. And the top 3 players each server will be rewarded with generous prize.


1.The number of Columbus Portrait a player has submitted * (3000 EXP + 2 Debris)

2. Prizes for the top three players:

1st Place: 250 Dragon Stone & 5-Day VIP
2nd Place: 150 Dragon Stone & 3-Day VIP
3rd Place: 100 Dragon Stone & 1-Day VIP

Reward Distribution:

Winners will be announced after October 14th. After that, the winners can claim rewards from the Event NPC in game.

Note: “S” + “A” + “I” + “L” + “S” = One Columbus Portrait

Letters dropped from monsters or purchased from “Gift” page are unbound this time.

II. Columbus Day Package

Columbus Package

Five Columbus portraits, one Prismatic Dragonshard, one Soul Stone and 4-hour Exp Blessing included.

Original Prize: 54 Dragon Gold
Discount Prize: 15 Dragon Gold

S Package

Fifteen letter “S” included.
Original Prize: 300,000 ingame gold
Discount Prize: 190,000 ingame gold

The Background History:

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS discovered America in 1492. At least that is what all elementary school children were always taught: “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Of course, Columbus never did “discover” North America, and the regions he did explore were already inhabited. He only discovered them from the viewpoint of the Europeans. Yet his first voyage did prove one thing for sure, that the earth was not only round, but that it was bigger than he had thought, Eratosthenes notwithstanding.

One of the first known celebrations marking the discovery of the “New World” by Christopher Columbus was in 1792, when a ceremony organized by the Colombian Order was held in New York City honoring Christopher Columbus and the 300th anniversary of his landing in the Bahamas. Then, on October 12, 1866 the Italian population of New York organized the first celebration of the discovery of America. Three years later, in 1869 Italians in San Francisco celebrated October 12 calling it C-Day. (taken from wilstar.com)

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I feel really dumb, but how do you combine the letters?

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Originally posted by Cerridwyn:

I feel really dumb, but how do you combine the letters?

Hi, Cerridwyn. You may get 5 letters like“S” + “A” + “I” + “L” + “S” and put them into the combination system to combine them, and you will get one Columbus portrait and then hand in the portrait will be ok. Thanks.