[Battle Storm]MultiKill's Gun Combos

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Buying a gun can be very costly and most of us can’t purchase every guns. In this topic, i will tell you about the best gun combos, and when to use them. This topic has 2 uses: help new players, but also possibly help the devellopers know what guns are too powerfull.

  1. Uzi/Flak 10/10: This is in my opinion the strongest gun combo in the game. not only do you kill anything close to you REALLY fast, but you are very decent from far range. UZI has the best DPS in the game, and Flak makes it really easy to hit people (nice range, ricochets, decent dps). This is a really nice all rounder, can be good in most situations.
  1. Uzi/Freeze Gun 9/10: In a duel, this is actually better than anything else (freeze him and kill him in a second with uzi). The problem is you will sometimes miss the freeze shot, and against multiple opponements it is not as good.
  1. Flak/Ricochet 8/10: This combo is actually really underrated. With this, you can just sit back behind your allies, spam your guns, and deal decent damage whitout being hurt much. Really good TDM combo. The weakness is you are weak from close range, and you also won’t deal as much dps as other people. This is also nice to get good K/D ratios. also try to use in more linear maps such as metalwork. not as much in factory.
  1. Rocket Launcher/Uzi 8/10: Fairly interesting because Uzi compensate RL’s very close range weakness. can do a lot of damage in 4v4
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uzi+caltrops is great for factory and probably overgrowth
uzi+magnum is great for bursting people down though you’ll have trouble if you miss your magnum shots.