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520 years ago, one great man discovered a new world on his first voyage. Today we honor this legendary captain and celebrate a holiday named after him – the Columbus Day! This great man had once set foot on the land of Castlot and left great legacies behind – the Columbus Satchels! Gather round, troops! Get Columbus Satchels and Diamonds and Happy Holidays!

Time: 21:00 on Oct 8 to 23:59 on Oct 10, 2012 (2 days, Server Time, GMT+8)


During this activity, as long as your ONE-TIME purchase of Diamonds reaches the following amounts (see the form below), you will be able to claim the corresponding Diamond Bonuses plus an exclusive festive

Columbus Satchel!

Diamond Bonus + Columbus Satchel

1. 1 USD = 10 Diamonds.
2. There’s no limit to the number of purchases and players can claim the rewards each time their Diamond purchase amount meets the requirements. For example, if you buy 100 Diamonds 10 times during this event, you will get the corresponding Satchel and Diamond bonus 10 times.
3. Please note that the Diamond bonuses received from this event cannot be used to upgrade your VIP level.

How to Claim your Diamond Bonus + Columbus Satchel?

You will get the Diamonds you purchase immediately.

Step 1.

During this event, you can check out the event details on the Activity panel anytime you want.

Step 2.

Every time your one-time purchase of Diamonds meets the requirements, the Claim button will be activated. You just have to click on it to claim your

Diamond Bonus + Columbus Satchel.

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The rewards are horrible o ; o