[Soul of Guardian (SOG)] Facebook - We Count on Your “Likes” II

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Background: The number of SOG’s fans has yet to reach its 30,000 milestone. Invite your friends to “Like” the SOG fan page and all players will be rewarded if the goal is completed during the event time.

Event Time: October 8th, 00:00 – October 15th, 23:59 (PDT)
Event Server: All Servers
Event Rules:

1. “Like” SOG fan page at http://www.facebook.com/wsgamesog if you haven’t done it yet.
2. Look for the post “We Count on Your “Likes” II” pinned to top as the first post on the wall.
3. Click “Share”.
It’s simple as that, thank you!

Event Rewards:
1. All players will be rewarded if the following shares are met: (Please note that you can only get one of the rewards.)

Once this SOG post reaches 500 or 1,000 total shares, all the players will get the respective reward. There is no need for you to individually share it 500 times. It’s that easy!

2. If SOG fan page reaches 30,000+ fans during event time, all players will get an additional reward.

Rewards issuing time: The rewards will be issued to all players within 48 hours after the event.

1. WSGame Officials will sum up the number of shares and fans when the event is over.
2. All rights reserved by WSGame.

Have fun in SOG – the latest, most played RPG of 2012!

WSGame SOG Operation Team