[Dungeon Inquisitor] Folklore-The Story of Lucky Hans

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This isn't exactly a forum or issue but a story for people to read if they wish to while hunting or waiting for souls or just in general, I hope that people enjoy it, maybe I'll add more stories and such but if its too much of a hassle for moderators and such to search through the forums for bugs and other such matters then I'll stop after this, but for now, enjoy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once upon a time there was a man named Hans, now Hans had been working diligently for his master for 7 years, the master rewarded Hans for his hard work by giving him a lump of Gold the size of his head, Han took the gold with him to return to his mother, on his journey Hans came across a man on a horse Hans:"Why that be a fine beast" Man:"Indeed it be the fastest horse there be in the west, tame as a mule she is" Hans:"Why I wish I had such a fine beast" Man:"Why... if you wish, you can have this horse" Hans:"Oh why thank you but I don't know if this gold would be too much of a burden for it" Man:"Let me take that gold for you, and you can have this fine horse!; when you wish to go say Yip! and when you wish to stop say Nay!" Hans:"Why I must be the Luckiest man in the world!" So the Man leaves with the gold and Hans mounts the new horse, however the stallion would not yield Hans:"Move beast! Yip!" The Horse would not budge, Hans infuriated kicked the horse, the horse angered charged full ahead Hans:"Nay! Nay! I say stop you horse!" The horse kicked Hans over and Hans hit the ground, a nearby farmer goes to him with a cow Farmer:"Why that be a grand fall sir! are you alright?" Hans:"I'm well but this horse will not listen to me I wish I had a creature like yours" Farmer:"Why this be a grand cow, it gives you milk and cheese everyday if you let it graze and when it gets old you can butcher it for the steaks, if you'd like I'd be willing to trade this Cow for your Horse" Hans:"Why that's a fantastic deal! I am so lucky today!" Hans leaves the farmer and horse behind and walks off with his new cow Hans:"Why I be very parched, I shall go and milk my cow" Hans milks the cow but no milk comes out, Hans yanks and yanks the udders but nothing, the Cow annoyed kicks Hans in the head and walks off, a Butcher comes by holding a pig Butcher: Ha ha ha that cow be too old for milkin' lad, but be good for the meat Hans infuriated by the Cow and the welt on his head Hans:"That be a queer best you have in your arms" Butcher:"Ahh this? this be a pig, good animal, feed it your leftovers and slosh and let it grow fat, then eat the meat" Hans:"Why how I would like such a beast!" Butcher:"Well would you like to trade?" Hans:"How Lucky am I! I had gold, then a horse, then a cow, now a pig!" Hans takes his pig and walks off with it, as he travels the pig is startled and runs off into the woods, a farmer boy happens to catch it, he walks over to Hans with a goose Boy:"Is this be your pig sir?" Hans:"Why yes it is! the stupid runt ran off without me!" Hans:"Why say you boy what be that under your arm?" Boy:"This? this be my goose sir, look at that fat and grease, would make a fine eating that it would" Hans:"I'll trade you for it!" The Boy and Hans both trade animals, and Hans walks off with his new goose Hans:"Why what a fine day! I had a lump of gold, then a stallion, then a cow, then a pig, now I have a goose!" A nearby blacksmith overhears Hans Blacksmith:"Hey boy! you be careful now, I hear a goose been stolen around here, they'll clap you up in prison if they find you with that goose" Hans distraught Hans:"Oh no what will I do!" The Blacksmith with the inkling of an idea Blacksmith:"Why how about give it to me! I'll keep the bird safe, and in turn you can have this old Grind wheel! you can sharpen knives and tools, and there always money in your pocket!" Hans:"I would very much like having money in my pocket!" So Hans and the Blacksmith trade Hans:"What a lucky day! I had gold, then a horse, then a cow, then a pig, then a goose, and now I have a wheel!" Hans carries his heavy wheel down the road, the day is hot, Hans tired stops at a well to take a drink, he drops his wheel and it falls into the water, Hans rejoices Hans:"What a lucky day! now I no longer have to carry that large wheel!" Hans walks off happily to his mother empty handed.
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xD Nice one. I like the idea to enterain people while they have to wait, and the story itself is funny. If you’ll make another one it’ll be Grand!
Im off now becuase i caught myself some prisoners!