[Vorp!] My view on the Jabber & Torpaz

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OK, I’ve just play a game using each of them, after a couple min of each on free play. The whole game plays differently with both of these ships there.

Both games were 3 vs 3. I played the Torpaz first. That whirlwind goes through turrets quickly. Games will be over a lot quicker now. But its slow and fragile, so I’d call it a good ship. Give it an escort into a base and your set. (although any 2 ships into a base works wonders)

The second was with the Jabber. I owned that game. I might played against noobs, I don’t know. I died once, cause I was cocky against a turret. But I know better for next time. This one I would call OP. Just a bit too good at everything. My first thought is that it should be extra flammable, taking extra damage from fire.

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I’ve been using the Torpaz for the last eight games or so. I agree – the Torpaz is death to buildings. If my team is any good and can hold off the enemy team to a reasonable degree, the game’s over. Heck, even at level 2, I’m starting to kill off the mid turrets. Maelstrom is pretty much unstoppable unless you do the unintuitive thing of standing next to it and pulling it off the turret by giving it a new target, and kills buildings even if the Torpaz dies.

Too bad the Torpaz sucks in most ship-to-ship battles. Maelstrom will never hit any enemy using thrusters (so every enemy), and Impure Crystals, although ridiculously powerful when used properly, requires precision use of momentum to set the crystals in just the right spot for maximum damage. Razor Shard is a fairly slow projectile with interesting physics quirks that can cause direct hits to occasionally bounce off. The armor is nice, but the Torpaz needs all the damage output it can get, and a level spent on armor is one less level spent on doing more damage when you do manage to score a hit. It’s incredibly difficult to fight another player with the Torpaz given its awkward attacks. At least it works magnificently in concert with other players, cleaning up clogged areas with Maelstrom and Impure Crystals. I wouldn’t mind seeing a slight buff to any of its loadouts just to make landing hits slightly easier. Nothing major, just a little projectile speed boost at best.

The Jabberwocky is hard. I can’t use it without dying horribly. It does way too much damage for a “tank” though, which begs the question – how are we defining “tank”? In most MOBAs, a tank is something that can take a lot of damage and disrupt the enemy team through crowd control – in essence, forcing a no-win situation where ignoring the tank makes it easier for his team, while killing the tank buys time for his team to kill you. The Jabberwocky has no CC, instead opting to do a bunch of damage like a carry in other games. It still has the natural bulk and survivability of a tank, though. This is problematic – high damage, like the Torpaz, is generally offset by fragility. The Jabberwocky is not fragile, but still has high damage. The result is something akin to a Lightning Bruiser as TVTropes would define it, which is…not the best thing for game balance. Go ahead – imagine a ship that does tons of damage, moves at a good pace, and can take a lot of damage before dying. Little much, don’t you think?

I don’t want to call it OP since it does take a lot of effort, but a good Jabberwocky does most of everything a good Hirudo does, without having to worry as much about that pesky escaping problem most of the time. Of course, my perception of it is kinda skewed because every game seems to have some hapless newbie that gets eaten alive and feeds the Jabberwocky. Maybe when the game gets a bigger, more skilled overall player base, I can see how it does in a higher level of play. As it stands, the thing eats newbies for every meal and turrets for dessert.