[Clash of the Dragons] Clicked on a link, will I be screwed out of the promo?

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So I was playing Legacy of a Thousand Suns and wasn’t really paying attention to the chat. Someone linked to this game in the middle of a discussion about the promo item that was just released in that game, and when I clicked the link, it said I received a promo item: 3 gold packs. It occured to me that someone may have manipulated the URL to get the promotional item in this game early based on the link in that game, but according to an official forum post, the promo item itself isn’t actually ready yet.

So, my question is… Am I screwed out of the actual item? I’m sure that I’ve been flagged as having received the promo item, so even when it gets swapped out with the proper item I won’t be able to receive it “a second time”. I also wouldn’t be surprised if this was placed here as a trap for cheaters (since players have pulled previous stunts to get into world raids they shouldn’t have access to in that game), but I’m only a victim of clicking on a link to the game. Is there any way I could be unflagged, and have these gold packs taken back?

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The gold packs are not the actual reward, and you will not be able to use the gold packs.
They will be taken away, and you will still be able to receive the reward for the twitter promotion if you follow the correct link.