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Gladiators Tournaments FAQ.

Players characters can take part in tournament as a spectator and as a gladiator from level 3 and above!

Attention! To avoid errors associated with Flash Player do not leave tournament window before the tournament starts.
A special feature of Flash Payer is that if it is not in the active window (the active tab of browser) – it “goes to sleep”.
Thus, the timer on the server is running, but your browser displays the time, when you switch out of the window with the game.
To avoid this, please remember the following points:
1. Do not move the tab to the game.
2. Make your bets in advance!

What are tournaments?

This is a sporting event, in which all participants are absolutely equal. Characteristics obtained from items, Avatars or medals do not work, the level does not matter, no potions available. All participants have equal number of health and first level spells.
You can take part in tournaments in the “Tournaments” in the “Arena” building.

The timing of events?

Crystals: 16:00:00 / 04:00:00
Diamonds: 19:00:00 / 07:00:00
Energy: 21:00:00 / 09:00:00

Who can participate in Tournaments?

Only players with a character level 5 and above. To participate you need to make a minimum bet, and make sure that you become a gladiator. Be careful – only the top 16 bets on value guarantee you the status of Gladiator. If someone will put more of your bet and your bet will not enter the top-16 – you lose the status of Gladiator and become a spectator.

What is the difference between Gladiators and Spectators?

Each player, who makes bet – becomes Participant. To become a Participant player must bet minimum amount of recourses. If players bet is one of top-16 – participant becomes Gladiator. If bet is below top-16 – participant becomes Spectator.
Each participant can increase bet any time, before tournament starts.

Attention! 30% of your bet goes to Mages’ Guild for organizing tournaments.

If you do not make a bet on a certain Gladiator – it will be deleted! Be careful!

We urge you to make your bets in advance, not in the last!

Minimum bets:

Energy = 200
Crystals = 5000
Diamonds = 3

All gladiators during tournament fights are equal, they have:
150 health
100 Mana
5 spells with Level 1
All bonuses from items, medals, the rank and Avatars do not work.
All gladiators have no elixirs.

Prize money and how can I win?

After all bets are done, Mages’ Guild forms to prize funds: Spectators and Gladiators that are distributed, respectively, between spectators and gladiators. Gladiator winner receives 65% of the Gladiators prize pool (30% of the bank takes the application) and 5% of the bets placed on his audience.

Spectators bet on gladiators and if gladiator win in the qualifying rounds of the tournament and will be the winner, spectators will get a share of the prize fund of spectators, which is divided proportionally according to the rates of the gladiator. Example: if the audience prize was 1000 and 2 spectators bet 50 and 10 on winning Gladiator, their winnings will be 750 and 150 respectively.

If you do not put a bet on a certain Gladiator – it will be deleted!
We urge you to make your bets in advance, not in the last seconds!

What types of tournaments exists?

There are currently three types of tournaments: energy, crystals and diamonds. For winning the tournament gladiators are granted with unique items and prize money, which is determined by spectators bets. Tournaments are held at different time, so players can participate during the day in all kinds of tournaments.

What a reward for winning the tournament?


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Hi, may I ask what happens when you go to the arena and click on Tournaments → Adepts Tournament and Fight (or Participate, dunno) that costs 5 diamonds.
There is a counter, and nothing happens (waited for 20 minutes). The other counter, “Approximate time” always says 5 minutes left I’m not sure if I need to wait until the times listed above (e.g. 21:00), or my game is broken. Btw are the starting times GMT or PST ?

I already have connection issues (proxy at work and game times out at home sometimes) and this would be the first time I am trying out the tournaments – so I am just wondering if something should happen at this stage or it just won’t load something for me.

What’s strage is that:
- in-game small windows (like Loading) are displayed very briefly (less than half a second), a few times every minute, as if it is refreshing something.
- I can only hit Cancel, thus cannot use the rest of the game before something is supposed to happen.

Is this normal like this?
Thank you

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Adepts Torunaments are the same as Gladiators, but with all participats to be gladiators.
It starts as soon there are 16 people willing to participate.

The “refreshing” you are asking about – is our protection for Flash Player features. In case you switch to other windows in your OS or other tabs in your browser, Flash Players “goes to sleep” and is not responding. In case you return to the window with the game – Flash Player “wakes up”. In this case, if you have any timer displayed in game – it will freeze at the point, when Flash Player “sleeped”.

To avoid this, when you return to the game window, our game requests actual info of the window it should display and refreshes it.

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Thanks for the clarification and help.

I did not switch tabs and it gives me popup windows often. Not that I mind. But Adept tournament never seems to start.
So it is normal to see a Cancel button only with the two timers, for 20 minutes etc?

Because “Tournament start” and “Approximate time” doesn’t say much, I don’t know what they refer to…
The first one obviously shows you how long you have been waiting – BUT it does not mean how long ago the “tournament has started”.
Would you please clarify?

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adepts tournament: Tournament start: 00:38:08, Approximate time: 00:19.59 :(

sitting there, nothing is happening, can someone enlighten me what is going on?

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the new timing for gladiator’s tournament really dulls the game.
I usually look forward towards the next gladator tournament..now its once a day? (for each) ….ok..mining and logging off =/