[Runespell Saga] Clan FAQ and Tutorial Video

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There is a Clan Video Tutorial that you can acces here: http://youtu.be/khqtNmYvsG4?hd=1

Q: How do I access the Clan Feature?
A: In the Start Screen, click on the shield icon above the ‘About’ button, or click the ‘Clans’ button below the ‘Scavenge’ button.

Q: How do I join a Clan?
A: If you’re not yet part of a Clan or haven’t founded a Clan, you can go to the Start Screen, click on the shield icon above the ‘About’ button, or click the ‘Clans’ button below the ‘Scavenge’ button, then choose ‘Join’ from the pop-up. This will open up the Clan List (which can also be accessed by opening the Leaderboards from the bottom horizontal menu, then selecting the ‘Clans’ tab on the right hand side), and you can apply for a Clan by hitting one of the appropriate ‘Apply’ text links. Please note that you can only be a member of one Clan at a time.

Q: How do I attack other Clans?
A: Go to the Clan Screen. Either click the button ‘Clan List’ there and select a clan from the list (click the ‘Invade’ text links), or click the ‘Clan Enemy’ button (this only works if your Clan Master has set the Clan’s enemy). In both cases you’ll be taken to the Clan Screen of another Clan. You’ll see that it’s similar to your Clan’s own camp, only that it looks a bit darker. Like your own camp, the enemy camp has a wall and defendable points on that wall, called Wall Sections. The higher a Clan’s level, the more Wall Sections will be unlocked. You’ll see on the map that a Wall Section is locked when it looks like a keylock, or unlocked when it looks like a shield. If you click on an unlocked Wall Section, you’ll see its leaderboard. If you continue, you’ll be brought to the Trade Screen, which functions the same as it does in the Story part of the game (you can buy Power Cards there). Continuing then will start a battle; you’re fighting on the map of the enemy’s camp. In order to successfully damage the enemy, you need to score as high as possible during the battle, ideally doing so on all unlocked Wall Sections of the enemy camp. If your clan mates do so as well and also score high, and the enemy’s own clan members do not score higher than your scores, you are occupying the leaderboard for that Wall Section. If you manage to occupy its top scores for the duration of the Clan Battle Cycle, you’ll have breached that Wall Section, and you’ll have damaged the enemy.

Q: How do I defend the Clan?
A: When your Clan is under attack, the ‘Clans’ button in the Start Screen will flash red occasionally. You might also receive a Rally message from your Clan Master that something is going on. Go to the Clan Screen and if you see that some of the shield icons on the map of your camp have a red outline, then these are being attacked. Begin a battle on these Wall Sections, and score as high as possible, in order to defend them. If the enemy is occupying the leaderboard of a Wall Section, their attack is broken once you manage to get your own high score in one of the top positions. If they then top your score again, you’ll have to do likewise. Preventing the enemy from conquering a Wall Section will prevent your Clan from losing Honor. Do nothing and your Clan might lose their position on the Clan Leaderboard, and become weaker; losing Honor will close down Wall Sections in your Clan Camp.

Q: What do we gain by attacking other Clans? What do they lose if we win?
A: If you manage to breach the camp walls of other Clans, you gain Honor and they lose Honor. This will elevate your position on the Clan leaderboards, and lower theirs. It will level up your Clan, and it will weaken their defenses by closing down Wall Sections.

Q: How does Clan Progress / Leveling work? What changes?
A: Honor is the equivalent of Clan EXP. You earn Honor for your Clan whenever you score very high in the game; 1 Honor for every score of 600K or higher, 5 Honor for every score of 2.5 million or higher, and 15 Honor for every score of 6 million or higher. Your Clan can level up to Level 30. As your Clan levels up, your Clan Camp will unlock more Wall Sections, which will become harder to breach (thus making the Clan Camp more defendable), and the Clan is more likely to maintain its position on the Clan Leaderboard.

Q: How do I invite friends to my Clan?
A: You can directly invite friends through the clan profile pop-up (info tab) of your clan. Alternatively, if your friends know the name of your clan, they can send in an application themselves.

Q: How do I invest in my clan?
A: In the Clan Screen, click on the shield icon. In the ‘Boost’ tab of the pop-up, you will see three Clan Boosts that can be invested in; the maximum number of Clan Members, the Silver Boost, and the EXP Boost. In order to invest in in one of these, press the gold ‘+’ (plus) sign, then click in the type field and type in the amount. Then hit ‘+’ (plus) again. In the beginning, investing in the Clan’s boosting powers will only require Silver. Later on it will also require Gold.

Q: How does the Clan Booster work?
A: By investing in your Clan’s boosting power, your rewards for playing the game will become greater. If your clan grants you a % boost to Silver, it means that you get this percentage extra over any amount of Silver that your earn by playing the game. The same goes for the EXP boost. This will make playing the game a lot easier. When the maximum number of Clan members is raised, the Clan can grow bigger. The Clan’s Silver and EXP boost is cumulative with other boosts that are active (which you can buy in the Shop), and never expires. The amount by which you are being boosted by your Clan is visible above the shield icon in the Clan Screen, or in the Clan’s public profile.

Q: How do the Clan symbols work?
A: Your Clan has a banner symbol which is displayed on the back of the card deck while playing the game, in the Start Screen, in your (public) profile, in your Clan’s camp, and in the clan’s public profile.

Q: If I buy a Clan Symbol for my Clan, can I set it?
A: No, only the Clan Master can do that, but any symbols that you buy automatically becomes available for your clan.

Q: If I leave my Clan, do my Symbol purchases remain with my old Clan? What if I join a new Clan?
A: Your purchases remain available for your old Clan, and will also be available for your new Clan.

Q: Are there Clan Officers?
A: The current version of the game does not have Clan Officers, only one Clan Master, but they might be implemented in the future.

Q: How does Clan Chat work?
A: At the very bottom of the application there’s a chat window. You can type chat messages there. It will only be there if you are part of a Clan, as there is no World Chat. It’s a specific channel for your Clan; only your Clan mates will be able to see what you are typing, no-one else. If you refresh the page and the application, the chat channel’s history will not be preserved.

Q: What is the Clan Rally?
A: It is an in-game and external message from your Clan Master to come to the Clan Camp; most likely because your camp is being attacked or because he wants you to attack the Clan Enemy in a concerted effort. He can only do this once an hour.

Q: Is there an overview of what happened during the last Clan Battle Cycle?
A: Yes. When the Clan Battle Cycle ends and you’re logged into the game, a pop-up will appear, summarizing the battle. If you’re offline, this pop-up will appear the next time you log in. You’ll also receive an email summary of anything that happened during an invasion of your camp.

Q: How long does the Clan Battle Cycle Last?
A: One Clan Battle Cycle lasts for 24 hours, and occasionally we will lengthen that cycle.

Q: Where can I see a list of all Clans in the game?
A: Open de Clan List by pressing the ‘Clan List’ button in the Clan Screen, or go to the Leaderboards and select the ‘Clans’ tab. You’ll see a list of all the Clans and their positions on the Clan Leaderboard.

Q: I can’t see my Clan in the Leaderboards!
A: The Leaderboard is limited to show the top 100 Clans. You will have to improve the ranking of your Clan.

Q: What is the difference between the Clan Enemy and just another Clan?
A: The Clan Enemy has been designated by the Clan Master to be the adversary of your Clan – this is a strategic decision. The Clan Master will expect you to focus your efforts on this target above all else. He may want you to attack this enemy because they habitually invade your camp, or because he wants to kick them down the Clan leaderboards.

Q: What happens when the Clan Master leaves the Clan?
A: The ownership of the Clan transfers to a random other player (who has been recently active). If the Clan Master is the only member of the Clan, then he can only Dissolve it.

Q: How do I found a Clan? [CLAN MASTER]
A: You need to have 10,000 silver first. Then, in the Start Screen, click on the shield icon above the ‘About’ button, or click the ‘Clans’ button below the ‘Scavenge’ button, then choose ‘Found’ from the pop-up. Close all pop-ups that now appear. You’re now in the Clan Screen of your own Clan.

Q: How do I change the Clan’s Name? Is this necessary? [CLAN MASTER]
A: In the Clan Screen, click on the shield icon. In the ‘Info’ tab of the pop-up, you can change your Clan’s name in the top text edit field. Press the ‘Change’ button after you have changed it. It’s not necessary to change your clan’s name, but it’s possible that the automatic Clan name generator we’ve provided will generate an existing name, so it’s better to change it into something unique.

Q: Can I remove my email address from the Clan Master email field? [CLAN MASTER]
A: You cannot remove it, only change it into something else.

Q: Do I need to enter a description for the clan? [CLAN MASTER]
A: If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. But it’s a perfect way to distinguish your Clan and attract new members; everyone can check your Clan Profile, and prospective members might be more inclined to apply if you tell something about your Clan.

Q: How do I change my Clan’s Symbol? [CLAN MASTER]
A: In the Clan Screen, click on the shield icon. In the ‘Banner’ tab of the pop-up an overview has been provided of all shield icons that you can set for your clan. Those with a lock on it, will have to be purchased in the shop (click the ‘Shop’ button in the pop-up to access it).

Q: How do I set the Clan Enemy? [CLAN MASTER]
A: Open de Clan List by pressing the ‘Clan List’ button in the Clan Screen, or go to the Leaderboards and select the ‘Clans’ tab. You’ll see a list of all the Clans and their positions on the Clan Leaderboard. On the right hand side you’ll see a column of checkboxes. Check the relevant checkbox to make that Clan the Clan enemy. You can only do this once an hour.

Q: How do I Rally the Clan? Why would I do this? [CLAN MASTER]
A: When your Clan is being attacked and your Clan mates are unaware (because they are in Story Mode or are offline), you can Rally them to get their attention. This will send an in-game message, as well as an external message, and will hopefully get them to start defending the Clan’s camp and attack the invader.

Q: I changed my Clan’s information, but it doesn’t show up? [CLAN MASTER]
A: Please make sure that you have pressed the ‘Change’ button when making any changes. If that does not help, try to refresh the page and application.

Q: Can I kick Players? [CLAN MASTER]
A: Yes. In the Clan Screen, click on the shield icon. In the ‘Members’ tab of the pop-up you will see a list of your Clan mates. Behind their names you should see a ‘Kick’ text link. Clicking this will remove that player from your Clan.

Q: How do I dissolve my Clan? [CLAN MASTER]
A: In the Clan Screen, click on the shield icon. In the ‘Info’ tab of the pop-up, press the ‘Dissolve Clan’ button. Please note that this will destroy all Clan property and treasure, so consider it carefully.