[Runespell Saga] FAQ on high scoring

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Generally there are a few simple ways of high scoring:

Keep upping your multiplier by making chains of cards. Keep an eye on which hands you’ve already done so you don’t break your chain. Optionally, when your chain gets really high you might consider breaking it on purpose because it is quicker to rebuild and get another multiplier when starting over. This will also free you from the mindset of desperately searching for options to find another unique combo, while time is ticking away.

Some enemies heal themselves; if you take your time (instead of overpowering them quickly) you can get your multiplier up by sparring a bit against them. If you don’t have time enough however, this is not advisable. Some bosses will have enemies preceding their arrival; these are a good way to stack up some multipliers before tackling the boss itself.

Don’t forget that combining a hand of color (Flush, Royal Flush, Straight Flush) with the same color Power Card also gets you extra points.

Here are some more tips:

Q: Where can I see my High Score?
A: In the Score List in the Start Screen, in your Profile, and in the Leaderboards.

Q: What are the basic principles behind scoring?
A: Make 5 card combos. Don’t repeat the same combos for as long as you can; you can keep track of which combos you’ve already played by watching the Chain Indicators to the right and left of the bottom playing area. The longer you keep playing unique combos, the longer your Chain will become. A longer Chain will earn you Multipliers, which will multiply your score. While it may seem complicated at first to keep track of this, it’s actually more important to build up as high a Multiplier as possible, thereby creating as high a score as possible, than it is to defeat enemies as fast as possible. Of course, this isn’t always easy, especially during certain boss battles this is especially difficult, but remember; stars are granted based on your score, not whether you made it to the end of the battle.

Q: What is the Weekly Tournament?
A: A weekly competition, held among all players of the game, to see who gets the highest score in the game.

Q: What is the All Time Score?
A: The highest score ever recorded among the entire community of players across all versions of Runespell Saga.

Q: What is the Friend’s Score?
A: Your High Score for the week (this cycle runs parallel to the Weekly Tournament), measured against that of your friends.

Q: How do color combos work?
A: Color Combos are 5 card combos that consist of Playing Cards and Power Cards that are of the same color. You have Yellow, Red, Green and Blue Playing Cards, and identically color-coded Power cards. Making a Flush, Royal Flush or Straight Flush with at least one Power Card of the same color as the Playing Cards, will make it a Color Combo, which doubles the points earned by playing that combo.