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Hi all, I am Greenfireflygirl, originally from the Infernal Abyss server. I am a huge fan of this genre, and have been a huge cheerleader for this game. So much so, that even though I quit playing on the other server months ago, I stuck around with my alliance and still supported them with a lot of behind the scenes work! The chance to join fresh with everyone again on a new server was too much for me to pass up, and quite a few of us felt the same way, so here we are!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to all land in the same area, our timing was bad it seems. This means that there is opportunity for you! So, let’s see what we’re all about, and you can see if it interests you any to come join us.

Chaos was formed out of a Coalition of alliances on the other server, that joined together to attack a group of close to a thousand players, many of whom were multis. Yes, we are multi hunters. If you find any multis, or suspected multis, message any Chaos member and we will make sure to put them on our hit list.

The second thing that we didn’t like was that with no chat on the other server, and no way for people to contact each other out of region, there were a lot of new players that had no help, and no guidance for how to learn, to ask for help, to really make a go of it. Sadly, in the beginning, a lot of people were just lost to the server and inactives popped up everywhere. We’re really hoping to help you guys so that doesn’t happen here.

Our coalition worked well, and we formed our own group to chat with on facebook which really helped with organisation. Getting along with allies sometimes means you find yourself fighting back to back with a friend instead of a brother, so we took 3 of the original 4 alliances to form our group. It took a while to settle on the name Chaos, and while the name might make you think that we aren’t organised… we are. Our coalition on the other server has several very amazing alliances, and some players from each have also joined us here.

On the other server, we have a group of 7 leaders. They have all joined us here, but we aren’t sure yet how we’re going to spread duties. We already have two leaders from our coalition group set up as leaders here, so we have a lot of experience here. I am not sure yet, just what our numbers are going to be. We still have people joining in, clicking the join a friend option, hoping to land near an ally. We also have some who landed unfortunately in the new region so we will also be opening up there. So get used to seeing us!

We are very selective in our recruiting. If you are active on the chats and are keen, we may message you ourselves. If you put in an application, expect it to sit for a while as we watch to see that first you play every day, and second, that you are growing in power. While we do not have a power requirement yet, we will implement one in the coming months. I’ve also been known to scout your cities as well to make sure that you know what you’re doing. But here? A lot of us are new, and learning together, so we’ll drop the requirement that you already BE awesome, and make the requirement that you WANT to be awesome! If we think you could be, then welcome!

If in AngelVale, please contact me with a quick message and a friend request. Please let me know why you want to join us. Let me know what kind of player you are, how often you play, what special skills you bring to the team. If we know you from IA, by all means include that info, I don’t want to miss anyone because you didn’t speak up! Be patient as well, I’m already falling behind on my build schedule because of administration duties in the group, but I’m working on it!

If in RavenGulch, please contact Leda Diamond. Give her a rundown on who you are as well. She is very busy, but will as you a bunch of stuff to get a feel for you. Impress us. We want those who are willing to be the best!

Raiders, either pvp or pve are most welcome! Crafters, Traders, Diplomats, Banks, PonyExpress… whoever you are, we have need of you if you are willing to be great at your job. One thing though… this is not negotiable, and for that I’m sorry… You MUST be willing to join our facebook group so that we can coordinate everything. We refuse to be one of those alliances that just takes people in and never talks to them and you never hear from them again.

(in fact, if you know any alliances like that, let us know, we’ll happily make sure they go away so that their players can find an alliance to help them the way they should!)

Okay, back to the alliance structure… I normally do a lot of HR and PR stuff for the group as well as admin, but for the moment I am recruiting so a little busy. MatGB, our chancellor, is also busy schmoozing, but also killing and warring and diplomatting on the other server. But he is very excited to have the opportunity here to make this server what the other one should have been, so you’ll see him on chat a lot, helping people with questions. He’ll point out that he wrote a great deal of the wiki… and NOG borrowed very heavily from it to create their version of it. He also is all over their forums with a lot of help too, while I’d love to keep all the KONG stuff to the KONG forums, there’s still a lot of great things over there that are worth looking at. So… Mat is pretty busy too. Please only message him with topics that are related to his leadership of the alliance. Any questions you have about gameplay, please start a question and answer thread in the forum here, and someone will answer for you.

You will note that we have two generals listed, one for AngelVale and one for RavenGulch. They will be in charge of deciding in each region who is a friend and who is a foe. For now, we won’t be warring as a group with anyone. We’re all new, you’re all new. We don’t want to make enemies until we get to know everyone. We will also be appointing TradeMinisters for each region, who will be in charge of setting up trade alliances with other groups. Other positions haven’t been sorted out yet, but they’re coming. You may not see them all listed on the page, because we hate clutter… (very Chaotic, I know!!) So, if you want to talk about leader issues, talk to Mat. If you want to join us, talk to me or Leda. If you want to propose who we should target, talk to Bloodtyrant in AngelVale, or Str8piff in RavenGulch. (by the way, they’ll happily take down your multi info too, if you can’t find another Chaos member nearby)

We’ll update when we know who wants to lead in the new region, and when we have trade ministers set up, but for now, that’s all! Nice to meet you!


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A note for players in Windward: While I would love to have a presence in every region, we do not have any Chaos members in that region, and we will not be able to accept your applications. We make it a rule to not recruit in regions in which we don’t already have members there. Reasons being multiple. I can’t message you if you are outside my region until I get the research tech stonegating, and you can’t message me back if you need help. Having a group outside the game helps, but it’s just not enough for us. We can’t make sure that things there are okay for you, and don’t like to leave any of our members without help. If you can promise that you can take on an entire region alone, and insisted that you belonged with us, then perhaps we might have to listen to you, if you needed to be one of us that badly. (and that awesomely) But until I meet that super hero player, this is a rule.

I’m sorry that I can’t email you personally, and don’t want to leave names of those I have deleted from our applicant list in here, but rest assured that we are passing your application along to friends, and hopefully they will message you for us, and help you find a good home. Please do not just apply to any old alliance, and in fact, if you apply to one and they accept you without even talking to you, you should hit leave alliance and find someone else to join.


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AngelVale still has several applicants on my list that I am looking at. I will not be accepting any new applications at this point. If I am speaking to you already, rest assured you are still in the running for admittance. If you have not contacted me but have put in an application, please contact me immediately. Current minimum for me to look at your application is 2 dungeons and 200 power. This will scale upwards but for now, look at roughly half of whatever my own is.

We will from time to time find room for an outstanding applicant whom we meet on the battlefield or in the chat. If you impress us, we’ll let you know if we want you.


Please note, we are still recruiting in RavenGulch and DragonSpire

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The regions that we are currently present in have been open long enough now for players to determine who’s in their area, and to get to talk to each other, form alliances, learn a bit about the game and grow. We’ve been watching in our regions what is happening and are happy to see that there are alliances that are region only in both Dragon Spire and Angel Vale that we can build a relationship with. We’re still hopeful that contacts in Raven Gulch will also prove fruitful. We’re also happy to count =MS= as an ally, and look forward to being able to take over all of Solace with them.

I need here to issue a warning to all new players. There are alliances on this server who are accepting anyone who applies without speaking to them first. In most cases, this is because they CAN’T speak to you first. If the leaders of the alliance you are applying to are not in the same region as you, then you can’t email them until you get a tech called stonegating. They can’t talk to you until they get it too, and I don’t believe that most of the leaders in these alliances can message members outside their region either.

Chaos does not feel that this is beneficial to you as a new player. It’s not beneficial to an alliance, as it keeps the members from growing to their full potential. While there IS an in game alliance chat, if you are in a region where you alliance can’t reinforce you or offer you other forms of support, then what good is the alliance to you? In our alliance, we regularly share leveling furniture, make trades that are better than what you can get on the market, and offer training and support to newer members. This ensures that our alliance will be as strong as it can be, and we create a very fun play environment. If you’re in an alliance like that, then we’re happy for you and we wish you well. If you’re in an alliance that doesn’t do that for you, and is present in many regions without service to all of them, if you don’t know who to ask for help or how to ask for it, then I need to warn you. We have put your alliance on our kill at our pleasure list. This means that our members will attack you, and attack you again until you leave your alliance and join a better one. We’re hoping that you can find, or even start, a new one in your own region that can serve you better. We can even help suggest a good one for you! But our goal here is to wipe out the bad alliances, allowing the good ones to replace them.

If you are a leader in an alliance and find that we are targeting your members and you feel that you are on our kill at our pleasure list by mistake, then please contact the Chaos leader in your region, or myself here through my profile. If you are tagged but not in an alliance that is growing beyond it’s ability to support it, then you are on our do not hit list. Also, if you are in an alliance that we are at war with on the other server… too bad, we’re at war with you here too.


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It’s time to update a few things with regard to our alliance, we have many changes going on currently that I am sure will be reflected shortly with some of the actions we are taking. Most notably, we are more actively seeking out targets, being that all the close ones to us have been already taken out, or are in the process of being removed.

If you are in AV, please note, that we no longer have any allies in the region. If you are from the former Korrosion alliance, I have posted on your page the intentions of our group to home any who wished to join and to remove the remaining few non inactive from the do not kill list. Your inactive leader has been contacted and intends to boot you all from the alliance given that the majority is inactive, you should have already left on your own and found a new home. Now you will be given a shake by losing your tag, and must find your own place. If you are an AV Korrosion member and are being attacked and feel that you should instead be again on friendly terms with us, please message your attacker and inquire how to get out of the mess. We would also welcome any and all who preemptively contact us to prevent such drama.

To the other groups in AV: You are all zerg groups, and Chaos finds it suitable to target you. If there is a non zerg group in AV who we have missed, please correct our statement either in a reply here, or in a pm to the player who may attack you. If you are attacked too many times by too many players (there is a population issue in AV) then please again, seek out the players who attack you and let them know. Dropping tag is a fast way to get you off the kill list. If you wish to join up in AV against us, please consider starting a thread in this forum asking who might be willing to join you. It’s quite likely that the leader of DRM may wish to have some help in doing so, considering he was our first target.

Other regions, a little business: We do have a few regions that we have active members in, some are regions that MS considers wild, some are regions that MS has listed under our control. We do not have any plans to move to MS controlled regions, but where we do have members, they will be actively looking for targets that meet our criteria for destruction. Bear in mind that we ARE Chaos, and anarchy rules us, so you may find yourself under the gun for no apparent reason. Don’t worry, we’ll find one for you if you ask nicely. Reasons that CAN put you under the gun include but are not limited to: Names we don’t like. (sorry pedolover, you will always be a target) Belonging to a group that we are at war with on the other server, belonging to a zerg alliance, predating on your own players, predating on players who we just happen to like for whatever reason and want to come to their aid, annoying us on chat, admitting that you cheat to get ahead, selling stuff on the market that someone takes issue with because of the price or cause they want it, saying you don’t like hockey, wearing too much perfume, trying to sell stuff with MLM marketing, or just cause you have too much stuff and we’re bored. Don’t worry, most of us, for the most part, are decent human beings and will not wipe you out of existence without great reason, meaning, it’s personal and nothing you can do can stop it. So, if you find yourself on the wrong side of a fight, and think it’s a little too unfair, message the person hitting you and see how you can stop it. Unless it IS personal, they should hit you and move on to the next guy, or at the very least tell you why they’re continuing to hit so that you can choose to change it. Dropping tag often works.

There are a few alliances in other regions who we do not consider targets. Friends are still friends unless they give us reason to drop them, including going inactive, as was true with Korrosion. We have assimilated who we can from that group who were in regions near us (if we missed you it’s because you’re too quiet and we don’t know you exist so please tell us about it) Other friends who have non aggression status continue to have the same status with us, including MS. New groups wishing to make friends with us please wait until we appear in your region unless you have good reason to request it, as I said, there are regions we have no intention of visiting so some treaties are more for show than not.

So, it’s a game. If you find one of us lands near you and you think that they are there to be up to no good, and want to protect yourself, feel free to do so. Either start up a conversation and make friends, or try to keep them from being able to take you out. Get a few people together to send pillage attacks at us. Interest us in a trade agreement. I don’t care, just play the game!

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TL;DR – is the short version, “Chaos is now a PvP alliance?”

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no, short version is, sorry Korrosion, you’re not our friends anymore because you don’t exist.

And my… what they say about a man’s attention span…


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The short version is lets be all talk cause we suck at the game and got ridiculed by 2 players.