[Legacy of Heroes] Patch Notes: October 11, 2012

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Patch Notes: October 11, 2012

Scheduled Maintenance

Weekly Sale

  • Two new pieces of equipment have been added: Pyro Jacket and Pyro Flames.
  • Shimmerstorm’s Junior Lunchbox!
  • Get tons of rares at an amazing value along with a few other great prizes.
    *Here is a list of the possible contents:
    • 3 x Rares
    • 5 x Rares
    • 10 x Rares
    • 100 x Rares
    • 1 x Night Music
    • 1 x Shimmerstorm: Warning
    • 12 x Skill Points
    • 25 x Skill Points

Prestige Packs are 40% off!

  • Guaranteed green, blue, purple or orange pack crafting components.
  • Last chance to get the pack crafts before they rotate out with Issue 9 next week.


  • Rules of Engagement is now live for the EFL .
  • EFL will now have a set of rules that only allows decks that follow these rules to enter.
  • Rules for the EFL will be changing every week.
  • The level entry requirement will still be 75.
  • Tickets will now cost 2 Legacy Coins but you will be reset to 5 tickets every * day unless you already have more than that.
  • If you have already bought EFL tickets through Legacy Coins you will be * * * refunded in the next couple days.
  • The requirements for the EFL rewards have been multiplied by 10.
  • Players with any EFL Prize Vouchers will have that amount multiplied by 10.

The rewards for the EFL will now be as follows:

  • 1st – 4 EFL Prize Vouchers
  • 2nd – 2 EFL Prize Vouchers
  • 3rd – 2 EFL Prize Vouchers
  • 4th – 1 EFL Prize Voucher

This week’s rules are:

  • 20 – 40 card deck size
  • Rares or below only

Bug Fixes

  • Player in the 5000 to 5999 tier of the last Mega Brawl, where given the Prestige Pack they had not received earlier.
  • Fixed a bug which causes the game to freeze in rare cases with Fire from Within .
  • Backdraft will now correctly show a buff when depleted .
  • Big Stick will now only show the correct amount of buffs.
  • Cold Case will now only show buffs for yourself and not teammates.
  • League image on player profiles will now correctly display the right clan icon.
  • Scarlet Tiger brawl now correctly shows “Issue #7” in the brawl listings.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused buffs to become permanent.
  • The Three Harmonies buff should now correctly fade after your next turn.
  • Matter over Mind will now last the correct number of turns.

Known Issues

  • Titles can cause small display issues with player’s name being too long.
  • Banish pile cards sometimes do not appear. Clicking on the pile will still show * the popup.
  • Equipment buffs lasting visually a turn longer than they are supposed to.
  • The card “Up and At’em” is not displaying its buff in the buff window.
  • The card "Billy Stopless " is not displaying its buff in the buff window.
  • Black Smoke effect will sometimes not fade.
  • Welcome Wagon buff is starting to early when combined with haste.
  • Shadowplay buff is visually lasting a turn too long.