[Legacy of Heroes] Regarding Shimmerstorm Lunchboxes

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I feel this is worth reposting here, main thread on the official forums here: http://www.lohgame.com/forum/showthread.php?2581-Plastic-Shimmerstorm-Lunchboxes

Spent 300 LC buying 20 of these (because I have no Night Music and want more Shimmerstorm: Warning and skill points)

Here are my results (feel free to share yours as well):
2 × 12 Skill points
8 × 5 rare pack
10 × 3 rare pack

My analysis: Essentially I shelled out 300 LC for 24 skill points (lol).

This is by miles and leagues the absolute worst lunchbox value ever.
4 different whammy prizes worth nothing (all rare pack options, yes even the 100 rare pack),
3 decent values (Night Music, 12 and 24 skill points) It could be argued that the 12 sp prize is a whammy as well, since for 15 lc you could have bought a level up and most of another one, giving that much sp plus the other benefits of leveling.
and one jackpot (shim).

Normally I say that folks should save their LC for lunchboxes. In this case I am going to have to give a VERY strong recommendation that you avoid these boxes. The vast majority of the prizes (every single “rare pack” option) are essentially Zero LC value whammys. People were outraged about things like dimetrodon being a possibility from the other lunchboxes, not sure what they were smoking to backslide to trash boxes after the progress made since then. Do not buy, under any circumstances. If ever there was a promo that you are going to in all likelihood want your money back after buying, this is it.

These are awful, worse than bounty packs. In every single way this is the worst promotional item with an LC cost to ever be launched in this game and in my experience any other 5pG game. Premium content should not have such a high chance for giving what is readily available from in game bucks packs. Save your coin for something worth buying.

Consider that last week that for 250 LC you could have gotten 5 diamond packs with a guaranteed legendary and 4 guaranteed epics, then look at this. I am not sure who on the 5pG team this is the brain child of, but they deserve a running kick in the nuts with a steel toed boot for it.

The whole line in the flavor text about “consumer zombie morons” really does seem to be a direct insult from 5pG, mocking their customers as stupid enough to give them money for this trash. I feel very badly for any new players who bit on this after having been told time and again by veterans that lunchboxes were worth saving for.

TL;DR: Do not buy in on this promotion. It is not worth it in any way shape or form. Hopefully I have just saved some poor newbie from making a terrible mistake.

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well, saved me :)

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Thanks for your analysis Techno ;)

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wish i read this first. bought two boxes. got rares. figured i was just unlucky. guess there was really nothing anyways

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Seems like Lil’ Susie Homewrecker was right…I fell for the lunchbox crap. That’s a bunch of legacy coins I’d like back.

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Wish I’d seen this before I spent any money on these. I really wanted night music, so I tried for it. Got 225 LC, got 3x 10 rares, 10x 3 rare, 7x 5 rare. What a freakin’ waste.

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well i geuss i should have read this i mean im still new i figured that im not spending them on anythign else and i stillat the stage wher rares are hard to get but two packs get two 3packers and got horrid i mean horrid items in them compared to what i have but i want that shimmerstorm card in the pack so bad…