[Runespell Saga] Way too easy to make Flushes

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Self-explanatory. I did this in two minutes. Two straight flushes, one of them being royal, and a 4-card straight flush.

While there are only 4 out of 52 cards that are the same number, there are 13 of 52 in the same suit. You’re better off making a flush or two than trying to make a full house or four of a kind, because no-one I know likes waiting for “that dumb 10 that never comes”.

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Perhaps they are ridiculously easy to make, especially considering there’s only four colors and you can stack them up in four of your seven rows, leaving the other three open to draw cards and build other things.

Highscores will require a larger variety though, and sometimes I find it at least as profitable to match up the same number in a column or two, allowing me to combine pairs/3-of-a-kinds for a full house or perhaps keep building them up separately for a 5-of-a-kind. Finding the right balance of hands to build is tricky.

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There is no denying that flushes are easy to make. “Flush Spamming” can be a last resort of you need to do quick and repeated damage and you don’t have any more power cards. Royal Flushes and Straight Flushes can also be easily attained, but the trick is to build up a large enough multiplier so that you get the highest score possible. If you repeatedly make the same combo (flushes), you will break your chain repeatedly and never raise your multiplier – which will become mandatory quite quickly in order to rack up your scores, gain stars, and unlock new areas.

Mastering the game means that you need to play fast, and continuously make sure that you are building towards unique combos – even if flush spamming is more easy to do – all the while looking out for what powers the enemy is going to activate next :)