[Clash of the Dragons] colosseum bug report

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Hi all
Just noticed a battle where i cant play any cards and my opponent plays around four cards a turn.
After some time i even got 4 cards in my hand, and still cant play a single card will the timer is running.
Lost the game ofcourse cause i cant play this way.

Maby someone need to look at it.
i heard someone else who did has the same problem so its not only me.

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Hello Kwak21,
I will need the Colosseum ID to look into this issue. The ID can be found by going to your Colosseum History, and clicking on the Colosseum in to bring up additional information. The Colosseum ID will be in the top right corner.

As soon as I have this information, I’ll look into the issue and get back to you ^^

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another bug…
in the colly no 23581 my turn was skipped without been tormented (or the other card that makes me skip) for several turns…
mostly in the round 1 fights…

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Draft ID 25173
It was the last match where i became third,
the person before had the same problem with the same opponent i had in the loser bracket.

Hopefully this helps.

(btw why cant you copy paste the draft/colosseum ID?)