[Vorp!] Please Sirs! May we have some more? (statistics)

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Dear EndGames,
with the statistics that you have already show, you’ve awoken my appetite for more. The ones shown, is very good for showing how individual ships are, But I want to see how well the ships work together on a team.

For example: I want to know what percent of matches had an ANT on the winning team vs how many times an ANT was on the losing team. Same with the Angel and all the other ships.
Please break it down to 3vs3, 4vs4, 5vs5. I believe that having an Angel on a 3 ship team is more likely to lose then other team combos. I’d be more then happy to be proven wrong. ;)
I would also like to see how often a ANT and Circe on the same team lost. Do this for the ships that are being called OP the most and see if they truly are winning the most.
And the reverse for the ships being called weak, see if they are on the same team, does the team lose more often?

Because we play a Team game and not 1on1 battle arena, I believe that this type of statistics would better demonstrate if ships are unbalanced then just the K/D ratio.

Waiting patiently to be fed full of statistics.

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Why don’t we just pull out SPSS and do a panel data analysis on ship synergy by % victory?

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Originally posted by raa275:

Why don’t we just pull out SPSS and do a panel data analysis on ship synergy by % victory?

Please do.

I’d also like to see the stats for the K/D for all the commanders under level 10. To see how easy a ship is to learn for a new player.

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Something else I’d like to see; To prove how accurate the match making is, show us close the matches are when they finish.
What percent of games had both core shield gone?
How many Turret, Emitters, and Batteries did the winning team have over the losing team?

If the winning team had over 75% of their structure remaining, then it was not a fair fight.

What percent of had a player quit and not come back? How close was the game when a team was undermanned?