[Sherwood Dungeon] I don't think this is a game

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Because there is no way to lose.

You die. No prob you just hop back up right where you were at with full health.
That said it looks great. Still I’m not going to rate it higher than 3 stars unless it becomes more than a chat room with awesome-looking 3-D avatars.

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It’s a game. Pretty low intensity but still a game.

I spent a lot of time this weekend checking it out and getting to level 25 and I feel like I’ve pretty much ‘won’. So far I haven’t seen that anything is really hard to get or really makes you awesome once you get it.

I tried the PVP it was pretty lame. The fact that you can block, combined with the fast character movement speed vs. really slow attack animations means not only should you really never die, you shouldn’t even get hit. Some mid and long range attacks are needed to make it interesting and probably double or triple the damage in pvp. There is a chessboard type pvp game in /teleport 8 where you get a point for every hit and five points for each kill (I guess people go afk sometimes?) I did it for like 5 min and realized it was not good.

Here are a few things i picked up that helped make it a better run for me:

-You can teleport around the islands using /teleport and a number 0-10 . 0 will put you on the level of the infinite dungeon that corresponds to your character’s level. 1-10 put you in areas with ever increasing monster levels.

-in most of the house-looking buildings there are vendors that can sell you things or a blacksmith that can upgrade your gear. I usually used the ones in /teleport 9 since they are all pretty close together. That scroll vendor also seemed to always have the best selection of high level scrolls to purchase.

-Diamonds are really important. at level 20ish you can buy red scrolls from the vendor to make really nice weapons. also you can buy any of the runes for 5 diamonds apiece. diamonds are also needed to upgrade gear at the smith.

-in the castle in the starting area there is a quest giver next to the entrance to the dungeon. She will offer you quests to kill a few monsters of your same level for a reward. The reward is solid gear of your level. for this reason I reccomend you dont waste diamonds upping the level of gear. also a fun fact, if you refuse her quest and click her again, she will change the reward offered so you can do that until you are offered exactly what you want.

-the monsters in an area seem to have a certain level. if you are lower than them, they’ll mess you up, but if you are higher, it will raise them to your level. everything ever dropped from a monster is your level. The quests also seem to give more exp and are all repeatable.

-the glowy orb in a claw (someone shops at hot topic!) that you get during the really long quest chain starting at the windmill lady is pretty much the best weapon in the game. I’ve got things that are somewhat close but so far nothing i can find or make is better. I complete the chain twice to have two of them but really its not needed. The red scroll uberblades I made are not that much worse and were really easy.

-The archery was disappointing considering how long (level 21) you have to wait to get it.

All in all, I enjoyed exploring and getting to level 25 but if there is meaningful content past really getting the first dragonclaw scepter I haven’t found it. SP I’m going to give it a 4/5 for entertaining me for a day and a half or so and hopefully the game will grow and prosper!

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Well I just got the highest level on Kong.

Out of what appears to be about three of us lol. Gooo me!