[BigHeadBash] Update complains (Devs please read)

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The new update isn’t the best ever, especially for the old players.

-Game lobby: Awesome, I’m going to spend 1/2 of my time waiting for ONE PLAYER to just press ready.
-Level restriction: No so much people is playing, so why can’t we join 50% of the rooms?
-Dash: Not really useful, if you could fire while rolling it would be nice.
-Hot potato: Never tested it, but I guess it’s going to be more fun with lot of players, not just 2.
-Climber: Useless, no ticket/XP when you reach a checkpoint/the end, I know it’s a prototype game mode but rename it to “Race”, it will open a lot more possibilities for maps.

As I said, this update isn’t the best, I think high level players probably more toys and weapons to spend tickets/tokens at.
BTW, PLEASE put Toy Store’s music back, I don’t like playing without any music.

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Check out that thread to see what’s going on with the Lobby system in particular:

See here for discussion about Level restriction:

Dash when used effectively allows you to dodge bullets and then once you stand back up you can choose to run or attack. It’s meant to be defensive only.

Hot Potato is prototype and was designed strictly for quick 1v1 matches that are less than 1 minute long. It may not be what you’re looking for but to each, their own.

For the prototypes modes in general. We’ll see how they evolve.