[Crazy Fairies] Auto move bug

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when i play crazy fairies sometimes my character moves right on its own… because of that i fall from th map sometimore delay and also empties my moving bar and then I cant move because my moving bar is emptied by the bug.

This is annoying me because i cant play properly and lose games just because of this bug! i lose jousts, demon rushes and sometimes deadeyes.

So please fix this bug.

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Hi there.

Not heard of the ‘moving on your own’ bug before.
Are you on PC or Laptop ? Is it a Mac ?

Also just to make sure that you know the character can move if you are using your right mouse button ?


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I think this might not be a bug with the game, as this has happened to me on other games, where a key is pressed and continues to input information to the computer, even after it is released.

You can usually press a few different keys, and that’ll fix it temporarily, but I recommend re-installing your keyboard driver. (worked for me)

Could be a bug, not sure, just trying to help ._.

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This happened to me as well. :c I don’t know why. I had to restart my computer to make it work again. (Or I closed the page and restarted. I don’t remember)