[Crazy Fairies] Arabian Night (Hard) Guide

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Ok, so some people have been asking me to produce a guide for the PvE Arabian Night (Hard). This is easily the most challenging PvE in the game currently (if only because of the mechanics), and let me start by saying this: At the end of the day, the players participating in a successful AN (hard) need to be good players, in that they can manage delay and are accurate.

That being said, there are tips I can give that may make your experience a lot easier.

For the sake of making this explanation easier, please use the following for references:

Player #1 = The one on the very top-most Flying Carpet
Player #2 = The one on the middle Flying Carpet
Player #3 = The one on the round hill underneath the top-most Flying Carpet
Player #4 = The one on the ground underneath the middle Flying Carpet

Card Setup

I STRONGLY recommend this build:
1x Castle Upkeep (Defend Up)
4x Double Shot

You will need to use your Defend Up at the first turn if you are Player #2 or #4. This is to avoid an early loss due to massive amounts of double shots.
The Double Shots are basically what you will use every turn when you attack.


- Dwarf Cannon
- Witch’s Stave
~ Frog King Wand

While the best weapon will always be the strongest weapon that you are most comfortable with, it is important to know that landscaping weapons (Witch’s Stave, Dwarf Cannon, or to a lesser extent Frog King Wand) are REALLY important, because they allow you to shoot down the Enemy Player #1 and #2 from their perches on the Flying Carpets. From there, they are stacked up on their allies, which allows you to spread damage much easier.

Player Walkthrough

I will now give a first turn play-by-play for each Human player and what your goals should be.

Player #1 (Top Flying Carpet): This player’s goal is to kill the enemy Player #1, on the opposite flying carpet. This is usually best accomplished by use of a Thor, if you think you won’t be able to hit on the first shot with an Axe. The success of the PvE very often relies on your ability to kill the other Player #1, because the shot to him is relatively difficult for your team. After your target has died, you should move to the front of your carpet, and aim at the enemies below. *NOTE: The first target to be killed should be your target.*

Player #2 (Middle Flying Carpet): Start your turn by using Defend Up and hitting the enemy Player #2. If you have a landscaping weapon, dropping the enemy Player #2 is a good idea right now (or you could just wait for your player #4 to drop him). You will be an essential part of the damage process, once all 3 of the enemies (not including enemy Player #1) are congregated in the same area. *Note: If you get knocked down from your perch via cannon, do NOT stack up on your team mates!*

Player #3 (Round Hill): Your job is to hit the enemy Player #3 by whatever means possible. I strongly suggest magic. Oftentimes, this is the hardest position to play in Arabian Night (Hard), because the shots can be difficult to make under high wind. Your damage to the enemy Player #3 is very important, HOWEVER if you do not have an easy shot, I suggest attempting to assist in the killing of player #1, or in the knocking-down of player #2. *Note: Use Double Shots a lot, to maximize your damage against your target, if you are using straight-shot magic on enemy Player #3*

Player #4 (On the Ground): Your job is arguably one of the most pivotal. Your first turn should be spent using Defend Up, and shooting down enemy Player #2 with a cannon. Your next goal should be shooting down enemy Player #1 (unless your team mate Player #1 already has him in his sights for double shot). Once enemy Player #2 has fallen down and enemy Player #1 is sufficiently taken care of (read above), you should double shot enemy players where it is needed. *Note: If allied Player #2 falls from his perch on the Flying Carpet, keep good distance from him!*


Obviously once the first one has died, they will need to be dispatched very quickly. Contrary to the patch notes, you will only have 1 real turn in which to kill all of the enemies. The first turn in which you kill an enemy counts towards the total number of turns until they resurrect (which happens to be 2 for Hard-Mode). While a resurrection is not necessarily a wipe to your PvE group, it certainly jeopardizes the attempt.

At the end of the day, you will need good players who listen well and are able to perform strongly to beat Arabian Night (Hard).

Best of luck! I hope this helped,