[Chronicles of Blood] October 15th – A new GUI for CoB

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Children of the night,

as you can see we have a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) for CoB.

We have decided to rework the GUI since there have been quite a few points of criticism, not only from users from other platforms but also from potential partners.

CoB is not only a facebook game anymore, so we have to make it as userfriendly as possible for other platforms such as Kongregate and later Armorgames.com.

Our main goal was to reduce the overall size of the screen and eliminate scrolling as much as possible. So far our idea was that you want big pictures of our artwork, but once you have seen them there really is no need for them anymore. Your new “My vampire” screen is a good example. Smaller but still looks slick.

We have arranged the menus in what we think is more logical. I am certain you will get used to the new structure in no time.

Next to your “Hunt button” you now have a PvP and PvB button.

We have redone a few pictures, mainly some headers and creatures from R1 and R2. We will continue doing that, e.g. R4 could really need some improved artwork.

Newcomers now see a popup from level 2 to 14 that introduces some of CoB’s features. So far new players couldn’t realise the potential of CoB and we would be silly not to advertise our strongpoints.

Next will be the release on www.armorgames.com this Friday and then of course AHW3.