[Crazy Fairies] Cheating in Tournament

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It really can´t be that certain clans start scamming in tournaments just to get some marks. It happened quite a few times now and this is really ruining the game! On one hand i am really angry, but on the other hand i just feel pity for those clans, that they need such methods to gain some marks!

Especially Helwz uses methods i can´t tolerate. They join your team and leave in the last second so you have to play the tournament alone and have almost no chance of doing good.. Thx again XxBEHOLDxX, but yeah, i know you just lagged out..

But what is really disapointing is that some of the players i respected so far do such stuff.
Prestiged, are you that desperate? You want wings that bad?

Please Devs, GM or whoever, you need to do sth against this!

Story of today: I played 2on2 Joust with Prestiged, did that not for the first time and usually there were no problems. This time the first game was against EliTE (Prestiged´s Alt) and Fuckof. Both enemies and Prestiged being from Hewlz2ful4me. When Prestiged realised that we would win, he teleported on top of me and therefor allowed Fuckof easy shots for the win. He even told me: “doing it for the clan :)”… with a freakin smiley..
Dude, i really feel pity for you!

If tournaments go on like this, it will damage the whole community and especially the players that dont have a clan or friends that play with them. Cause you always face the risk of playing with someone, that will either leave you or will intentionally lose.

In my opinion this can and should not be tolerated.

Regards, Solevita

EDIT: After talking to SORA, he assured that this will not be tolerated and will have consequences if it goes on. For the sake of the game i hope this is not just talking. I do apologize to those members of Helwz2ful4me that do not tolerate the misbehaviour of their clanmates.

And no Sora, if we´d lost anyway, Prestiged would not have teleported on me. :)

Just to clarify that, i have no idea why that topic is closed.

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Hey Solevita, Sora here. I think you got it all wrong man i dont tolerate that kind of stuff within my clan. You should know just as well as the rest of us that play this game how often there are techical difficulties in-game. It hasn’t just happened to you. I’ve had clan members dc on me as well so i dont see the issue there? and the game againt “fuckof”, to be honest man…. he would have won anyway :P.

I really think you are just putting too much thought into something trivial.

Regards, xxSoraxx