[Legacy of Heroes] Patch Notes: October 18, 2012 (locked)

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Patch Notes: October 18, 2012

Scheduled Maintenance

Weekly Sale

  • Two new items have been added. The Pyro Goggles (the final piece of the Pyro equipment set), and our fourth Limited Offer promo card: Pyrotechnique : Forget Me Not.
  • New Tempus Pack!
  • Tempus packs contain only Tempus set cards. These include Preview 1 and 2 cards, and brand new cards which haven’t been released before.
    25% off for the first week only.
  • Tempus packs will have a single color crafting material that will drop 100% of the time from an opened pack.
  • 5 of these crafting pieces can be exchanged in the Forge for a new Tempus Legendary card.
  • Same drop format as the Prestige Packs.
  • This pack will be available for one month only.

Tempus Pack Drafting

  • Draft with Tempus Packs for 3 hours on Friday!
    • 1:00 – 4:00 PM PST
    • 20:00-23:00 Server Time
  • You will still retain the crafts you would normally get for the packs.
  • Rewards will be as follows:
    • 1st – 2 x Tempus Pack
    • 2nd – 1 x Tempus Pack
    • 3rd – 1 x Tempus Pack
    • 4th – 1 x Hourglass


  • Honor Packs have been permanently changed to 3 LC cost.
  • Leaderboard rewards have been adjusted to better fit the scale of players.
  • Issue 9: Absolute Reckoning is here!
  • The fight to save existence has been divided into two sides.
  • Find the truth in the fight between the Zeroths in the conclusion to Zeroth Hour.
  • More than 40 new cards to obtain.
  • With this set coming in Glory, Prestige, and Cosmic packs will go back to only the core set.
  • Draft packs will now have all of the core set and all volume 2 cards in them.
  • 2 New Brawls
  • Dr. Tessera: Devolved – 5 Person
  • Absolute Zeroth – 3 Person

Bug Fixes

  • Shadowplay now has the correct duration of next 2 threats .
  • League Charters are now view able and do not crash the game.
  • Duels should now correctly take energy.
  • Welcome Wagon will now last the correct duration.
  • Player names will now correctly display in card lore.
  • Will Counters will now always show up in log for teammates.
  • Can now reconnect to EFL without problems.

Known Issues

  • Titles can cause small display issues with player’s name being too long.
  • Banish pile cards sometimes do not appear. Clicking on the pile will still show the popup.
  • Equipment buffs lasting visually a turn longer than they are supposed to.
  • The card “Up and At’em” is not displaying its buff in the buff window.
  • The card "Billy Stopless " is not displaying its buff in the buff window.
  • “Black Smoke” effect will sometimes not fade.
  • If “Maser: Far From Home” is copied by the acolyte badge , the buff will show up twice but only actually be there once.
  • “Do as I Do” buff will not visually show up in buff list.