[Soul of Guardian (SOG)] SOG Update Notice on October 18

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Dear Players,

We will be performing routine maintenance on October 18th from 19:00 to 21:00 PDT. All accounts will not be accessible during this time. Thank you for your patience. Below is a list of some of the things you can expect from this recent update:

1. Change the Ranking rules for Pets. Ranking will not be based according to Grade anymore, but according to Pet Strength.
2. Level Setting will become available for Heroic Stone Golem.
3. During escort, once you have been killed twice, you will automatically be switched to Peace mode and be immune to further kills.
4. New exchange rate for Kreds and Gold.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fix for the bug on losing unsocketed gems when backpack is full. After maintenance, you won’t be able to remove a Gem without an empty slot in your backpack.
2. Fix for the bugged time of Battlesoul Isle.
3. Fix for a bug that other players are unable to see the new look of your pet after it has been evolved.
4. Fix for a bug where a body position may automatically change while strengthening.

Have fun in SOG – the latest, most-played RPG of 2012!

WSGame SOG Operation Team

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Will we get gold added to compensate for the extra the new rates give? XD

Doubt it, but it would be nice ;)

ANyway, nice updates all around