[Runespell Saga] Tournament for Kong+ players

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As a token of our appreciation we have changed the default payouts for the weekly tournament to much higher payouts for this round.

1. Because we expect to go live on Monday for the rest of the community.
2. Because we want to thank you for helping us the last 10 days.
3. Because you help us test the game by playing.
4. Because it is fun.

We dare you to set the high score this weekend and claim the first, second or third prize. We will randomly send out “Silver” and even “Gold” prizes to players that play this weekend as well, so keep check of your Kongregate inbox.

The prizes:
1. 100.000 Silver, 5000 Exp (normal Silver payout will be 30.000)
2. 75.000 Silver, 3000 Exp (normal Silver payout will be 20.000)
3. 50.000 Silver, 1000 Exp (normal Silver payout will be 10.000)

Runespell Saga community management

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Yeah, there’s no topping Valmar’s crazy 5.5m score right now. I’d need to be much more willing to splurge tons of silver into a horde run to even come close.

On the bright side, #2 looks pretty secure for me. Had quite a bit of fun getting that score. =)

Now to head back into the third map area. (Speaking of which, you may want to check the background animation on that. I swear it jumped up about once every 7 seconds.)

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Kongratulations;) Valmar. Amazing scores.