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Here is a compilation of community suggestions regarding leagues that have been accumulated via discussions on kong chat.

If this becomes a long discussion thread I will update this post as suggestions are made and changes are implemented.


  • Allow league brawls to be started with fewer than maximum participants
  • Add a “league only” option to player entry dropdown box during regular brawl creation
  • Add a chatbox to the brawl creation screen
  • Have the server send updates to clients whenever someone joins the brawl.
  • Make pending league brawls consistently appear in the brawl list
  • Add an indicator to the bottom menu when league brawls are active.
  • Replace the kong-friend interface with an in-game friend list
  • For future league brawls, make new forge cards for each brawl
  • Implement league vs league warfare.
  • Make leagues generally more visible in the game
  • Make league brawls count towards the brawl leadboard

Allow league brawls to be started with fewer than maximum participants, just like regular brawls already can be. This allows smaller leagues to be more competitive. If a player wants access to league brawls, at present there’s not much point in joining any league with fewer than 20 people because the odds of having enough on to do league brawls is fairly slim. For large leagues, this change reduces the requirement for established players to constantly be asked to go back and redo brawls that they’ve already finished months ago. I run one of the most active leagues in the game, yet even so it’s often difficult to get a full five people for firerazer, for example, because even with 12 people online and all in chat together, not everyone has energy, some people are busy, or afk, and some just don’t want to do old brawls anymore.

Add a “league only” option to player entry dropdown box during regular brawl creation

The point here isn’t so much to distinguish between friends and leaguemates, so much as that at present…“friends only” doesn’t allow league mates to see the brawl, which is not very useful. For everyone here on Kong, our league lists are much longer than our friends list. This isn’t facebook. We mostly play with people in our leagues. Wanting to do a “league only” Dr T or Absolute Zeroth, for example, is something that happens multiple times per day. But at present there’s no easy way to do this and we end up either giving countdowns in kong chat or going through several minutes of mutual kong-friending and browser refreshing hoping that the red invite arrows decide to work today. Adding a league-only brawl option would massively simplify this process.

Add a chatbox to the brawl creation screen that is seen when forming a brawl. Not just for leagues, add this to the standard brawl creation interface. When 3 people are in a public brawl, they need to be able to talk to each other. You guys said you were working on this back in August

Have the server send updates to clients whenever someone joins the brawl. Having people click refresh every four seconds is silly, and probably creates unnecessary traffic because people are constantly sending refresh requests rather than updates only being sent when something changes.

Make pending league brawls consistently appear in the brawl list. At present, they don’t. Sometimes you can see them in the public brawl list, and other times you can’t. And generally refreshing the list makes them disappear even if the brawl is still pending. This is probably a bug. If a league brawl exists and is waiting for members, it should appear in a players public brawl list.

Add an indicator to the bottom menu when league brawls are active. This is for the benefit of small leagues, who don’t necessarily have a regular kong chat presence. It’s difficult for small leagues to coordinate league brawls because in-game league chat is only visible when one is actively looking at it. If somebody says “hey, let’s do a brawl” nobody sees that until they stop whatever they’re doing and go check league chat later, by which time the person who wanted to brawl has probably given up. So, add an indicator that players can see wherever they are, indicting that a league brawl is active and seeking players.

Something simple, like this:

Replace the kong-friend interface with an in-game friend list

There are a number of problems with the current implementation:

1) At present, issuing private brawl invites is hopelessly complicated and unreliable. To invite people to a brawl, the general procedure seems to be for both people to mutually invite each other on kong, then uncheck “hide online status” (which seems to magically recheck itself on occasion) and then refresh the web browser. Even after doing this, sometimes it still does not work. None of this should be necessary to invite someone to a brawl. Several alternatives exist. Among them: add a native in-game friend system, add “join my brawl” links to the brawl screen that people can copy and paste into chat or whisper to people, and create a “brawl ID” number that people can copy and paste without needing to click a link and thereby refresh their web browser.

2) At present there appears to be no way to invite people to the friends list from within the game. For example, it’s possible to click a player avatar during the formation of a brawl and get a stats screen for them. For example, here’s the player screen for someone in my league:

I’m guessing that the majority of players in the game don’t even know that these screens exist, because apart from people you’ve already friended, the only other place to access them seems to be brawl and tourny formation screens. And even if you do get this screen…there’s no way to actually friend them. So, two changes need to happen here:

1) It needs to be possible to access this screen from inside a battle, be it duel/brawl, etc. When I see someone join my brawl, at present I can’t talk to them and I don’t know how well they perform. I don’t know if I want to friend them yet. But after the brawl starts and I have the chance to see them in action and talk to them…there’s no longer a way to get to their player screen. So, add a way to access it from inside brawls/duels/etc.

2) There needs to be a “friend me” button added to this screen to allow friending people in-game without going through the kong interface.

For future league brawls, make new forge cards for each brawl, just like public brawls get new cards.

Please…think of Shimmerstorn. She’s tired, and we don’t need another hundred copies of her.

Implement league vs league warfare. Leagues, at present…don’t really do anything. They’re not important for anything except grandstanding in kong chat. Again, back in August you guys said that “In Heroes we are focused on making Leagues a key feature of the game.” And honestly…they’re really not. There’ve been a few new league brawls, but these don’t make leagues important at all. Abyss was released…and in Doom Bunnies at least, most of us had a full set of dimensional armor in 2-3 days. Some took a week. A few stragglers took two weeks. But none of this made leagues a “key feature” of the game. The dimensional armor was basically a gimmick for megabrawl, and an extremely unimportant one at that.

LoH needs league vs league warfare, with relevant ladders and rewards.

Make leagues generally more visible in the game. At present, leagues are mostly invisible. If I brawl with someone, there’s no way to find out which league they’re in. I can click on my friends list to get their stat screen, and then click again on the league link to find it…but if they’re on my friends list, odds are good they’re only there because they’re already in my league and I needed to friend them to be able to send them brawl invites. We need a way to find out what leagues other players are in.

And…looking again at that player stats screen:

Most players probably don’t even realize they can click on the green skull to get league information. A player’s league affiliation needs to be more visible. At the very least, add the league name directly to this screen where people can see it, and add it to the information that appears when mousing over a player in a brawl.

Make league brawls count towards the brawl leaderboard
No real explanation required here. Make them count. No reason for them not to.

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Okay, I love the suggestions. The one I want the most is a whole new brawl screen with the chat. I can’t tell you how many times I have started a clan brawl and have no one join because right after I started it, either someone else started the same one or some other problem like not enough people. Either way, the rest kept talking and sometimes even start a different brawl and I don’t know! I like the way it is in clash of the dragons and this extends to the normal brawls. I’d like to see other brawls that go up while mine is up.

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The “League only” option isn’t really super necessary, since you can just click over to your league list when you invite, and the red arrows show up there too.

League brawls appear in the regular brawl list if you see them first on the league page. It’s kind of a weird, glitchy thing probably (happens in Clash that way too).

I always thought League Brawls count towards leaderboard, and we really do need a replacement prize for Shimmerstorm.

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i had like 3 paragraphs typed of what i wanted to say but i felt it was just the same thing already said but in a different way, so i erased it and im just gonna say that i support this like im adding my name to the list of people who agree with these things (slash) is frustrated with the lack of some of these things.
ty for reading :D